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Ideas to Make Our Team Stronger and Increase GSS scores

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Turn Morale Around

  • More front office meetings to make sure everyone is on the same page. Also, seeing everyone altogether where we can feel relaxed enough to ask questions that maybe not everyone knows. We want to make people feel more comfortable, like we’re more of a team. That way perhaps we’ll feel less stressed on a regular base. Avoid more mistakes this way.
  • Make sure assistant managers are being more positive and not burnt out. They have to lead by example, and their negativity can rub off. Perhaps we can accomplish this by shortening some of their days, or getting them 2 days off.
  • Little official front office get-togethers like on the second floor, a moment to slip away and have cupcakes and mix together or something like that, maybe announce important changes or groups at that time. Could be as short as a 1/2 hr to 1 hr maybe once a month/biweekly.

Ensure new employees are properly trained

  • Go over check lists, explain in detail
  • Actually go over the training subject for each day to emphasize brand standards
  • Do more role playing and hypothetical situations for training, that way they can be informally trained in a friendly manner that inspires discourse. Try to ask open ended questions.

More Follow Up

I notice that we do not always make time to follow up with our guests sometimes in a rush. (Front desk primarily) It would improve our scores if we actually followed up with the guest because they appreciate it when we take the time out to make sure their stay is going okay. Some guests recognize the extra effort and take the trouble to mention it later on at check out, etc. So keep up the good work guys, they appreciate it when we do this!

Better communication during busy day

  • I would recommend the use of a comprehensive red book like my previous job had. I thought that was an efficient way to communicate from shift to shift, or nightly reminders.
  • I would also recommend a lost and found log at the back office, since things have been carried off. We need to take better care of our guest items. We could have DTS or MOD in charge of this, if someone needs to put something in lost & found back office storage, they have to go either to go through appropriate channels to log it properly before they can just carelessly throw things in there (or take them out). Have a log with the forms attached to the item and also make sure it is entered in chargerback. This is an issue we have had to deal with frequently, so all the better to put a stop to it. Guests get frustrated when we don’t communicate with them and not return their inquiries, and this isn’t helping our scores.

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