Stranger Things Have Happened

Tonight, I received a call from my mother. She was inquiring on my Grandpa’s behalf if I could give him a discounted room for the evening at my hotel. You see, I happen to know my Grandpa was traveling with his girlfriend from South Dakota where he’s on site working.

I was a little surprised that Grandpa was willing to bring the girl by. In the past, he’s always kept his illicit actions more to himself and he tries to show me his best self. I wasn’t upset, he cheated on my saint of a grandma, and I don’t harbor any love towards his current wife. I do feel a little bad for her. Pretty much as soon as my Grandpa gets married, it’s time to find a girlfriend. I kind of took it as a turning point in our relationship, like he considers me more of an adult. I will admit, I was a little jealous when I heard he had my cousin picking up jewelry for the woman, and he was pretending like she didn’t exist when he talked to me. This levels the playing field.

A lot of my family have this infidelity problem. My aunt is a serial whore. She and her husband have some kind of sick agreement, in which he remains depressed and drunk constantly to deal with her many going ons. He won’t leave her though because he can’t take care of himself, he needs her to be his housewife and mother of his children. So she does all her sleeping around to satisfy herself since she has chosen to tie herself to a man she no longer respects as a man. She has said she considers him another child to be taken care of.

My uncle Matt has brought a mistress to family functions before. Grandpa doted on the woman’s child he brought along. It’s just something that our whole family has touched on or experienced first hand. I have been a cheater myself in the past, but no more. I was young and stupid. 

Now I am ready to be committed to Jacob. (I never cheated on Jake.) All the while I was thinking of my unfaithful relatives, I had in mind the concept of a wedding. Now was not the right time to tell Grandpa that Jake and I are engaged, although I wanted to. Maybe Jake might wonder with how shameless my family is if fidelity would be an issue on my part. I wanted to assure him that while I do have all those bad influences in my life, I also have one shining light. A beacon, a person who was my lighthouse in life.

My Granny was the most splendid person in the world. I miss her everyday. All these other people in our family don’t respect marriage, but she did. She showed me how sacred the vow is and how to love and respect someone. She loved Grandpa desperately even when he cheated constantly and was away all the time for his jobs. She could of gotten remarried but she would never allow my Grandpa and her to get a divorce. They were separated, but not officially. Until the day of her death, she was his wife.

I could be a good mother and wife if I tried to be half the person my Grandma was. I wish I could talk about all these wedding arrangements with my dear sweet Grandma, I can see in my mind the smile on her face. I miss her terribly. I feel that she would have really liked Jake and how well he takes care of me. I’m glad he and I are taking this step.

I can’t wait to make it official with rings.


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