Dreams are made of these

I had the most peaceful dream. My Grandma came to visit me in my dreams. It was pretty strange though, it was like I had never been with Jake. I was back to my old ways, my life was like it used to be, juggling boys. I was inexclusively seeing my first boyfriend again, Dace. What a weird figure to bring up, I hadn’t though of him in years. He did not appear in the dream. I was in my neighbor’s house, now that I think about it. Granny and my friend’s mom Amy were sitting on the couch, chortling at something I’d said. I was telling them about going to see Tyler, because I was also dating him. They thought I was sly.

Funny, because Granny would never endorse activity like that or think it was funny. Skipping ahead, I suddenly realize that Granny had to go. She’d only come for awhile. We went out into the front yard, and the sun was shining down on us. Granny had both of her feet, and we stood in front of each other. I was older, like my adult self, something I never got to share with Granny. We embraced, and there were tears running down her weathered face. She still looked tired, grey in her hair, but her eyes were warm and peaceful like only Heaven can bring, even as she cried. She was going to go before my mom could see her leave, but at the last minute, Mom came out of the house. She rushed over to us and threw her arms around both of us, and then she was gone after only a pause.

Then I woke up.


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