A Bridezilla Appears!! Beware David’s Bridal -OKC

Even though I’ve been quite stressed due to all this wedding bliss, I have actually been a pretty chill bride. That is, until the other day. My mother, maid of honor, and I went to pick up our dresses at David’s Bridal. When they brought me my dress, it did not have the beaded beautiful sash I ordered. I got quiet, and my friend started to rub my back reassuringly because she said my eyes were getting so big.

It turns out, they quoted me a price for the beaded sash and the wedding dress and then they did not place the order for the sash. When I went in that day, they said I would have to pay for the sash because I hadn’t already. I was pissed. It was an expensive sash!!!! The saleswoman was not trying to be helpful AT ALL. She told me the cost, and I looked at her disbelievingly. “I can’t get a discount because of the mistake?” I asked her and she looked like I was pulling her arm behind her back.

She reluctantly agreed to let me have the store model which was missing a few stones  for a discounted price. She went to the back to search for stones they could put in the missing places, and found a better sash (still sans some stones) Even at the discounted price, I still couldn’t afford the sash. I was really upset because I had called before we went to pick up the dress to make sure the sash was included in the price. They assured us, oh, yes, it comes with it. And what they didn’t realize is I meant the beaded sash. The sash that came with it was a simple white, plain ribbon and simply not the same. I was so upset, and my best friend stepped up for me. She whipped out her credit card and paid for it and I broke down into tears right at the check out line.

I was so embarrassed at the situation. I was unbelievably upset at the saleswoman because she didn’t really put in enough effort in her customer service skills. A bride who glares death daggers at you and has cried in your check out line out of humiliation and does not leave the store with a smile is not a happy bride! She will not say good things about your store, she will tell her friends how you screwed her over and furthermore embarrassed you. The wedding industry is a multi-million dollar industry, that saleswoman could have offered me the sash at their cost easily- it was $100! And they were the ones who made the mistake!!

They did not own up to the situation. Their attempts to make things right were feeble, at best. I was not happy with my experience and would never recommend them to any of my female friends. I had read negative reviews online, but thought I would give them a chance anyway, and I very much regret it. Don’t go to this store!!!


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