I am woman, hear me roar.

Been watching the Mindy project and there is a cute scene that made me contemplative. Courtesy of my favorite R.N. Morgan Tookers, “Whenever I got my ass kicked metaphorically or literally, I did the same thing: I got back out there and I made ’em regret they ever messed with me in the first place. Think of the best, strongest warrior version of yourself and then own that shit.”

Carol came to mind instantly as a strong female role model. I admire how wiley she is. I thought it was very strategic of her to come into Alexanderia and pose as a harmless survivor of the circumstances, weak and womanly. And all the while, she had that mindset that enabled her to keep on keepin’ on after she had to kill her own adoptive daughter. She has a strong and keen mind, sharp as a knife. The way she went all psycho in private on the little boy who wanted cookies…. it was pretty cool.

That’s right, Carol can handle anything. I just love her adaptability. She is filled with a steel like quality of feminine strength. It reminds me of how Melanie Wilkes was in Gone with the Wind. She was quiet and mouse-like at times, but the southern lady in her always rose to the occasions in times of stress. She cheered on Scarlett when she killed the Yankee and came to her defense with a sword she could barely carry. She was brave as hell, being as weak as she was. And when the Yankees came back to Tara, Melanie’s calmness was the only thing that steadied Scarlett and when she told Melanie what she must do, she didn’t hesitate but flew onto the nearest horse to do Scarlett’s bidding. Brave, quiet women who are truly wise can deceive many into thinking what they want. They have strength that others know not, and my Granny was the same way. I’d like to emulate these fine women.



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