Fate is a fickle bitch

Hello All,

Greetings and salutations! I hope your lives are going as planned as you read this. For mine is not! =( Fate threw a wrench in my plans, and so close to the wedding!! Yesterday, I went to the Indian clinic for a hangnail problem. It was supposed to be a minor surgery. I didn’t even take the day off work, thinking it wasn’t going to be such a huge deal.

Apparently my feet are really tough. They gave me 5 numbing shots and I still felt every bit of the pain my doctor inflicted on me. The toenail turned out to be in worse shape than they thought, and they were like, “Okay, so, how long are you going to take off work?” O.O What???? I told them I was scheduled to go in that day and they said absolutely not. They wanted me to take a whole week off!! I was horrified because of the position I was putting everyone in. We’re short staffed and it was bad timing for them, good timing for me.

On a positive note, I won’t be as stressed for the wedding. I kept wondering how I was going to get everything done, and now I’ve been handed 5 days off to take care of things and heal. Then, I will work for about 4 days and it will be my vacation for my wedding and my honeymoon!

Wedding Countdown Ticker

On a negative note, it hurts like hell. I have a huge boot on my foot they want me to wear for a week. Walking is a bitch. Jake and I went to the store earlier and he is so sweet, he suggested that I ride the automatic wheelchair at wal mart and it was pretty fun. I would have felt embarrassed, but Jake was such a sweetie saying everyone gets hurt baby.

I also wont be able to participate in some of the more fun activities I was planning for the honeymoon. I wanted to swim in the swimming pools while we’re away and that won’t be happening now 😦 *boo hoo*

Still got some running around to do for the wedding. Left to do:

  • Alterations on Veil
  • Balloon Order
  • Shoes for the dress
  • Order a Bouquet

Wish me luck!!


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