Married Life is SO Good

It’s been about 2 weeks since I got married. I’ve been too busy to describe how great it is. The wedding was a pretty cool affair. It wasn’t as good as I would have liked it to be, we missed a few things. I never danced with Grandpa. And speaking of Grandpa, I actually might not be legally married since my Grandpa never went and presented his ordainment papers to the court and didn’t legally register. Oh well. If Jake and I have to do one more ceremony to make it legit, we won’t be mad. At least our loved ones gathered on that day and saw us joined in holy matrimony by someone who knows and cares about us.

From the beginning of Jake and I’s relationship, Grandpa was the one who backed Jake from the start. My mom had her misgivings in the beginning because he’s 12 years my senior. She wanted to know what he was doing with a girl as young as me. Plus, my mother will still tell you to this day that Jake took me hostage. In a way, she’s not wrong. From the first day we got together, I’ve been stuck like glue to Jake ever since. Jake makes my heart swell sometimes when he says things. During our vows, Jake said that I’ve been his best friend for 3 years. He loves me more than anyone, he guides me the right direction in life and helps me to make good, responsible decisions.

Now this has kept me away from my mother and father. That is because they lead a bad life, they treat themselves badly and don’t take care of themselves. My mother lives in squalor and my father is in prison. They both struggle with addiction. I have a drug addiction as well, but at least my life isn’t falling apart around my ears. I do drugs, but I go to work everyday and I work hard and I make money. My body isn’t in the best shape and my mind neither, but at least I make money of my own. My mother and father sponge off other people. My mother is an emotional vampire.

My father never approved of Jake. One of the worst fights me and Johnny ever had was over Jake. I was outraged that Johnny would say anything bad about Jake when Jake is clearly the better man. Jake has taken care of me and provided for me since day one. When we first got together, Jacob did right by me. I remember feeling touched when we first got together because Jake said I didn’t have enough pants and we went to buy more clothes for me, because he cared. He’s always cared about me and did the right thing for me. When I first met Jake, I was living a bad life. I did have a drinking problem, even if I didn’t want to believe Jake at the time. Now I hardly ever touch the stuff, and I never drink alone.

At the wedding, it was chaotic as most weddings usually are. Even though I explained duties to people before the wedding, everyone was still looking to me to get everything done. I was stressed out beyond belief trying to coordinate everyone. It was very cool being a bride though- everyone does what you say, wants to help you in some way. I had my aunt running all over the gardens looking for Jake when we needed the car keys. My mother missed out on the getting ready pictures because everytime she came in the room, I had her go do something else to get things ready.

We were so busy, I almost didn’t have any time to get nervous. I’d been telling people for weeks, “I’m 98% excited, 2% scared.” But when it was all said and done and they’d finished getting me ready for the First Look photo shoot, I was standing in front  of the mirror by myself in the bathroom holding my bouquet. I asked for a moment alone to practice my vows, and after I’d said them out loud for the first time, suddenly I was shaking. I know my eyes were huge as I walked out to meet Jake for the first time in his tux. I was shaking so much I couldn’t open a pack of mints my mother gave me.


After seeing Jacob for the first time, he was all I saw. When it came time to walk down the aisle, I literally couldn’t tell you who all attended my wedding. I had tunnel vision, I only had eyes for him. Suddenly, this moment in my life felt larger than life and he was everything. He will be everything from now on, and I have no regrets.

Something Old…….. My Grandma’s Wedding Veil
Something New…….. My Shoes
Something Borrowed…….. Rhonda’s pearl bracelet
Something Blue……. “I Do” blue polka dots for shoes

We’re married now, and things could not be better. Jake is worried that marriage will change something between us, and it has. I won’t tell him though- the main change I have seen between us is he seems to have sprouted more patience overnight. He is so nice and caring towards me. For the last two weeks, everything has been, “Whatever you want, babe.” He also gave himself to me completely, and I have done things as his wife that no woman will ever do. We are in love, and we are here to stay. My husband looks so freaking good in the photo above, they could slap him on the cover of the Men’s Warehouse magazine.

More pictures;



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