2016 Presidential Election

Hello Kitty for President!:

The election this year for the President inspired a lot of nail biting. I was one of such individuals, as I was feeling very hopeful in the beginning for Hillary Clinton. I have never been fond of her in the past, but I was admittedly going to support anyone but Trump. I felt hopeful for Clinton because she was the more qualified candidate.

Hubby & I went to our local districts to cast our votes. We both ended up voting for Hillary, which my family would die if they found out. Jake and I watched the live coverage when we got home. I was really touched by all of the references they had to the suffragettes in the past with our first woman candidate ever. In particular, they mentioned the Golden Lane in St. Louis, Missouri:


In 1916, at the Democratic National Convention held in St. Louis, the National American Woman Suffrage Association staged a striking demonstration called “The Golden Lane.” “A line of women dressed in white with yellow sashes and parasols, spaced four feet apart, stood along the curb beside their state suffrage banners on both sides of the street, forming a lane through which the Democratic delegates must walk . . . to the Coliseum on the opening day of the convention.”

It made me feel patriotic to watch. I felt very thankful for the women of the past. I admit, I had not given it much though how much the women in the past had to fight for our right. On my screen, there were advertisements for “#Myvotestory” and there were 100 year old women black and white alike who were saying, “God willing, I’ll live long enough to vote the first woman president into office.”

America had a change to do something progressive and move into the future, and instead, they decided to regress back into a “safer” option. The people in the Hillary camps started to weep and leave, and I felt distraught as well as Trump garnered more and more American’s support. I was gobsmacked, I truly did not wish for him to win.

But America will carry on, for as long as we can anyway. Until he starts WWIII *rolls eyes*

I voted for Goku Classic T-Shirt:


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