Master Appreciation Post

I am grateful for….

  1. A mother who is not jail
  2. having a faithful and smart partner
  3. having a Happy Marriage!
  4. vehicles to get us back and forth to work
  5. well paying jobs for both my hubby and I
  6. my boss coming back to work this month
  7. time with family
  8. Toby’s perseverance~ he’s going to make it through!!
  9. having enough food to eat
  10. our new bed Grandpa gave us
  11. incentive pay at work
  12. Jacob’s making more $$$ with his job change
  13. friends
  14. the bigger closet my hubby built me
  15. my hello kitty collection
  16. the herb that keeps me sane
  17. getting good scores on my yearly review at work
  18. co-workers who cover for you (Sara)
  19. netflix & hulu
  20. the internet in general
  21. signing up for health benefits
  22. lipstick & makeup
  23. being able to vote in this most recent election
  24. speaking my mind about the candidates and the results (boo!)

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