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Not sure what it is, but I have been feeling more confident in some ways lately. It’s miraculous, but one day I woke up and life wasn’t pressing down on me. *SHOCK* Don’t know why or how that happened. The cloud is not hanging over me right now *knocks on wood*

At work, I understand moreso what has happened. I gave up during the period my ex-boss Lara was there. I did not lend any effort towards making her look better. We weren’t close, and I didn’t enjoy working with her. I didn’t agree with her methods. When she started to fail, I let her go down hard so that Kristin could see she made the wrong decision and rue it.

I applied for the position when Latta quit. When Lara quit, I felt very discouraged. My circumstances have not changed in almost 10 months…. still not ready to move forward. I have stopped actively looking for a new job with this fresh feeling of enthusiasm I’ve had, but we’ll see how long it lasts. I just finished brushing up my resume, actually. I think I should still keep my options open. I’m just waiting for the perfect thing, the perfect opportunity.

I’ve been writing more lately. I started writing Hey Arnold! fanfiction. I absolutely love Helga and enjoy writing her. Have some “Married” gifs because they’re fucking adorable.


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