Superstore is one of my addictions. I love the campy brand of comedy, but more importantly, the flirtatious vibe between these two characters. Amy and Jonah are so cute. They obviously get each other and operate on similar wavelengths. I have complicated feelings about Amy’s situation.

On the one hand, she’s married. Her feelings for her work husband do verge on inappropriate. My husband disapproves of her wandering eyes, while I find myself being more sympathetic. My aunt went through something similar- getting married right out of high school and having a kid. As she grew older, she outgrew the partner she’d married. They were no longer a good match and trying to stay together for the sake of the kids was ultimately more damaging in the long haul for all parties involved.

Break ups are hard to qualify. Amy’s rambling speech about how marriage is fine really showed how bad things are going for her. She obviously has feelings for Jonah that are distancing her further and further from her husband, at the end of the episode she and Jonah were singing Rent songs.

I like these two together because they are both nerdy and smart. Their pranks are adorable. I love how Jonah always backs her up and acts as her side kick; i.e. the episode with Marcus and the hot store. I think the build up to the kiss was good.

The kiss was kind of urgent and magical at the same time. They might die any second, so why die with that regret?? She reached out to him, and he held on tight. It’s what I have been craving to see for so long now!!

My heart broke for Jonah a little when Amy’s family appeared on the scene. His face looked truly dismayed, seeing her family huddled together. Like a longing for the impossible showed on his face. Is it impossible though? Where will things go after this finale?

I personally would like to see the crew split up to other stores, but Amy still finds herself seeking out Jonah. She informally separates from Adam. She and Jonah start dating in secret, because that would be very their style, sneaking around and getting into shenanigans trying not to get caught. He takes her to coffee shops and late night diners.

I can dream, can’t I?



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