Carmen Velasquez

Her skin is a rich, tanned color and her long hair goes half way down her torso. Her nose and sharp cheekbones  reveal her Native American ancestry. She is short and shapely, her curves tapered at the waist. She’s approximately 160 lbs and she wears casual tops with slacks and a white lab coat. She works at a hospital as a dietitian, and she specializes in diabetes counseling which often lands her with other Native American patients. The elderly love her. She is kind and sympathetic towards all.

She is in her early thirties and by all means successful. She’s married, and now that they were home owners and stable in their careers, she finally convinced her husband to let them get involved in the foster care system. They had a four year old Mexican girl with curly black hair and dark brown eyes named Esperanza Lopez.

While Carmen and her husband went to work, Esperanza stayed at Carmen’s mothers’ house. It was the highlight of Carmen’s day going to retrieve her daughter from her mother’s house after work. She got to see two of her favorite people, and by the time she got home it was nearly time to put her down to bed and start dinner for her husband.


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