Some girls like girls

A girl and her best friend were young and naive. They were intimate best friends. There was no such thing as “too much information.” Whatever thought popped into one’s head, the other was bound to hear it sooner rather than later. They had an open door of communication between them.

That was one of the reasons things changed between them. One of the girls was blonde and the other brunette. One day, the brunette was overcome by emotion towards her best friend. She loved her completely, and she wanted to physically express that love. They were standing at the top of a football stadium after hours as the sun went down, and the brunette suddenly became aware of a desire to kiss her best friend. She said nothing at first.

The urge built up over time. Finally, one night, they went to a hookah lounge to have some fun. The walls of the hookah lounge were splattered in black light paint and personal shout outs and jokes, and the air was thick with sweet tobacco smoke. The owner of the establishment was well liked and he performed magic tricks and encouraged others to share their smoking tricks.

The girls witnessed a trick that changed their lives from that moment on. A couple in the hookah lounge shot-gunned, the man taking a hit off the hookah hose and kissing his girlfriend, and when she pulled away she exhaled all of his smoke. The brunette was instantly enthralled and saw an innocent opportunity to get the kiss she’d been dreaming of for months. She suggested that they perform the trick, too. The blonde readily agreed.

It was their first kiss, both of their first kisses with the same sex. They each had boyfriends, but were becoming painfully aware of their feelings for each other. They spent more and more time together, snuggling and innocently holding each other. They kissed occasionally, but they weren’t an official couple yet. Little did they know, they would never know such bliss.

They started seeing other behind the brunette’s boyfriends’ back. He had no idea that their kisses progressed further into sexual territory. They went driving at night and climbed into the back seat of the blonde’s mothers’ car, necking like their lives depended on it. Eventually, they progressed past heavy petting and eventually had sex for the first time at the blonde’s college dorm room.

The guilt of seeing her best friend behind her boyfriend’s back got the best of the brunette. She broke it off with her boyfriend, and it was the most honest she ever was to anyone, even herself, when she told him she had feelings for her best friend. She wouldn’t say it out loud again.

After they broke up, the blonde and brunette could be found holding hands in the arts district. They went to house parties and the hosts always assumed they were an item before they got to know them. They were attached at the hip, but they weren’t defining anything past what they had always considered each other; best friend.

The brunette couldn’t admit what was happening. She did not tell her loved ones about the change in their relationship, and the blonde kept silent in deference to her feelings. She was trapped in the closet with no way out. She thought she could keep her sexual preferences to herself, and she hid her attraction in the darkest corners of her mind. She didn’t want to be open with the world; even though she loved her best friend. She couldn’t bear the thought of wearing a non-traditional label, and she lost her best friend over it.

Before she could overcome her way of thinking, her best friend was offered a job across the country. Not seeing a viable option staying at home for the sake of a lover who wouldn’t claim her, she decided to pursue her dream of travelling and took the company up on its’ offer. She left her lover, and never looked back.


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