Domestic Life & Motherhood

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My body says it wants babies, and I’m all like “sssshhh….”

Things I “have to” do before I can have a baby:

  • Overcome my drug addiction
  • Become a homeowner
  • Finish college program
  • Get job in desired career field
  • Become financially stable

WTF. My body is yelling at me now, not 5-8 years from now. FML. I get paranoid. I’m married to an older man. He had a rough childhood, so he doesn’t believe we should have children until we are financially stable and completed everything on that goddamn list. I think he is just trying to time out my biological clock personally. I will be 28 next year. I want to have a kid BEFORE I’m 35, ideally…. within like 30-32 years old.

He says he wants to have kids, but I am afraid he is just telling me what I want to hear. What if he really doesn’t want children? What if he is just saying things and I am wasting time with him?

He assures me he does want my kid. But I don’t believe him. URGH.


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