30 Day Challenge – Day 1

I can never do anything on time, so why kid myself about this? So I didn’t start at the beginning of the month, I can start now IF I WANT! Which I am going to;

(Pay no attention to the crazy lady behind the curtain)

Day 1.

Look in the mirror & say out loud what you love about your body

  • My hair is awesome. Very good for my self-esteem.
  • I am fun-sized. I like being short, it makes me look cute. (5’4″)
  • I have curves. They may be ample, but other girls have envied them. (205 lbs)
  • My boobs are enviable in some cases (even if I don’t think so, I’d rather have them than not, 40DD)
  • My sexy pajamas were totally worth the money $$$ (Torrid.com)
  • I have a pretty smile
  • My lipstick is bomb (Naughty Plum ;))
  • My relationship with my genitalia is improving thanks to the new product I bought- totally wise purchase ❤

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