Thoughts during “One Bad Day” Gotham


Image result for jeremiah jerome gotham

  • Jeremiah’s outfit was totally a nod to Nicholson’s Joker imo. That hat tho. Overall, I am preferring Jerome much more than Jeremiah. I thought his energy was more chaotic and similar to Heath Ledger’s Joker, which is undoubtedly the best imo. This stoic psychopath that is emotionally deadpan is not my preference. Gotta give it to Cameron Monagham, his range is incredible. *round of applause*
  • Yet another hairdo change for Barbara, she is always changing. How come nobody else gets new dos?
  • Shy!Butch, awe.
  • JIM’S ALIVE!!!!!!!!!1111!!!


  • What’s up, Doc? You doctoring in your pajama’s nowadays??? (I dig that black doctor’s robe looking thing though, until I realized it was all sheer and stuff in the back.)
  • Penguin is looking on point, I dig that purple suit.
  • Oh, a pissing contest between Jim & Nygma. How attractive *NOT*
    I’m sorry Nygma, but you pale in comparison when it comes to who is the alpha male in this situation. (I technically like the Riddler more than Jim, but I won’t deny that he falls short when compared as a man to Gordon.)
  • “You don’t think that Lee could actually love me, do you?” “Honestly? No.”
    This look Jim gives him says it all and for us fans, too!! (At least me xP)
  • Ew, gross, Nygma! “She’s with me in every way.” THANK YOU for sparing me the on screen aspects of THAT part of their relationship, BARF.
  • Harvey getting a redemption arc is nice. I was pretty pleased with that, and episode with Lucius action I am into. I like Lucius 🙂 ❤


  • The scene in Jeremiah’s bunker was pretty cool. I liked the villainy of his character, how he BARKED and prevented them from all rushing him. It is nice to see him be an alpha dog still even as his game is getting turned on its ear.  He still had a back up plan and watched them burn. Points for that. “I find your fickleness quite hurtful.”
  • I am so done with Ra’s. Like, how many villains are we going to entertain at a time?


  • We get like 2 seconds to enjoy the bliss of this moment. A much anticipated Selina/Bruce kiss and then five seconds later a threat of death.
  • Because NO, SHE IS NOT GONNA DIE. No one dies in Gotham, haven’t you heard?
  • Jim going to offer Lee a chance to skip town…. and the look of doubt on Riddler’s face? PRICELESS. I am SO DONE with them as a couple, she is using my poor Ed. I don’t like him behaving like her lap dog, I want him to bust loose on his own again or go partner with Penguin again.

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