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What does your least favorite school subject say about you?

Image result for mathDisliking Math Says You Are Expressive

You are an expressive, passionate, and spontaneous person. For you, math is way too cold a subject. You dislike how black and white it is.

While some people have extreme passion for math, that would take far more work than you’re willing to put in. What you’re into changes like the wind, and you could never be forced to choose one thing. You have to be free to follow what you love.

What’s Your Feng Shui Color?
Related image

Your Feng Shui Color is Green

You are an insightful and wise creature. Personal growth is important to you, and you are always changing for the better. You are very nurturing. You take care of yourself first, and because of this, you are able to take good care of others.

You think that life should be an adventure. You try to never get stuck in a rut. Even though it can be difficult, you like to break out of your comfort zone. You never want to be stagnant!

What Do You Need Most?
Image result for community

You Need Community

You are a very social person. You are happiest when you’re around other people. You need many people in your life. Friends and family make life worth living for you.

You have many relationships in your life, and you are constantly seeking new people out. You need to feel like you’re part of a group or a tribe. You don’t like to feel like you’re going it alone.

What crafty hobby should you take up?
Image result for knitting

You Should Take Up Knitting

You are patient and focused. You are good at sticking with projects and following instructions. You follow and play by the rules. It’s important to you to do things by the book.

You are highly observant. No detail slips past you. You are generous with your time. You believe that the best things in life don’t come quickly.



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