Day 8- Share a short story


Alex, April, and Andy go to the health food store.

Alex held the green shopping basket on her arm. She adjusted her sexy glasses, and gave a blonde holding some melons a couple feet over a second look. Her eyes were very expressive in their appreciation of the woman.

April rolled her eyes, and Andy blatantly checked out the two women. April and Andy were secure in their relationship. Andy knew that April was bisexual and craving a woman’s company lately. He wanted to help her relieve that need. They went places looking for a third person to join their relationship.

The thing was, they wanted different things. April wanted to experience a woman, but she didn’t really want one that wanted Andy, too. She didn’t want to share her husband. She just wanted to share herself and have Andy present. He could do things to her while she and the woman focused on each other. Andy was all for a third person in the relationship, someone committed solely to them as a couple.

April didn’t want anything serious. She was therefore enchanted by the dark haired sexual woman named Alex. She exuded an aura of confident sexiness. Alex did not entertain the thought of men. She was not even remotely interested in April’s husband, and that suited April just fine.

April brought Alex home with her one evening. She knew that Andy wouldn’t protest.


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