Month: February 2019

What Goes Around Comes Around

I am half way scared that if I gloat over this, I will turn out wrong, and I am sincerely hoping not~!!

Things have been strange at work lately.  Tension has been on the rise again between me and another female on my level. She thinks her shit doesn’t stink. She thinks she knows everything. She talks shit behind my back. Since I have been on vacation, I thought she must be living it up, tearing me down while I’m not around. Who knew what all she was saying in my absence?

Little did I know, I would be coming into work to hear the most fabulous news I’ve heard since Cree got fired. [see past beef] One of my co-workers told me today that my female co-worker has been suspended!!! Three jumps for joy, hip hip hooray!!!!!!

She has been suspended recently. My boss confirmed the most fantabulous news and told me confidentially that she is “85% positive she won’t be coming back.”

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An Obsession with the Dark and Absurd

I am writing an essay for fun.

“An Obsession with the Dark and Absurd”


Female Sexuality in the Early 21st Century

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I am very interested in Hank Hill. I am obsessed with him. I re-watch the episodes over and over and I am always touched by Hank.

He’s not a perfect man. He often is a hypocrite. He’s emotionally distant and all that jazz but I love contemplating his character.

I love how he is such a good friend. I am particularly interested in his friendship with Bill. Hank claims his best friend is Dale, but that doesn’t jive with me. In all his behavior, I think that Hank values and coddles his best friend Bill more. He enjoys his relationship with Bill because he is always in charge. He makes Bill’s decisions for him…. I can’t decide if it’s toxic or not, to me it seems like real love. To take care of someone and always know what’s better for them.

He goes through great lengths to help Bill. He takes responsibility for things that he can’t possibly control. In an episode I watched recently, a college kid threw a water balloon at him and his mom and he took the hit for her. Then he said, “I’m sorry I let that happen.”

He’s so controlling and I don’t why I find that incredibly appealing. Someone who knows better than you, so just let them. That sounds weak minded but it feels good- to surrender, to let someone else have control. Some would say that makes you truly strong, if you talk to the right people.

In the episode I was watching, it’s about Hank driving his mother and her friends to a miniature musuem. He mused about the miniatures and said, “She only took them out when she was heading into a funk. Like when I was 10 to 14….” And he also commented, “-from that time you went weird.”

Hank is so proficient with dealing with Bill because he had to deal with his mother’s depression. Hank instinctively reaches out to support Bill because he has been used to that role in his life. When it was time to do a suicide watch for Bill, Hank took a leave of absence from work to help him. Maybe he had experience with that when he was younger. (Although the point could also be made that previous to show’s first episode, Hank has had to do a suicide watch for Bill before when Lenore left.) But still, his first experience with depression undoubtedly came from his mother.

Yet another thing Hank and I have in common- feeling crushed by our mother’s depression. Feeling responsible for her as a child, the roles reversed. We are the care taker and they act the part of child.

I just love this character. I could go on about him ad nauseam.