Day: March 2, 2019

My Umbrella Academy Post

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The Umbrella Academy is the story of seven supernatural siblings. Their patriarch father passes away and draws the dysfunctional and scattered family back together under the same roof again for the first time in several years. Let’s just say shit gets interesting.

Who was your favorite character?

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Who did you relate to the most?

Upon first reflection, I wanted to say Klaus because of his drug addiction. However,  the longer I watched I hated to admit I sympathize with Vanya. She just learned everything she thought about herself was wrong. She has a new identity thrust upon her and no control over her feelings on the matter, because she was not trained properly. So those two, yeah.

Who did you find the funniest?

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Without a doubt, Klaus.

Who do you think is the least appreciated character?

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While us fans adored Klaus, his siblings don’t even notice when he goes missing. Probably because they assume he is out scoring drugs and doing whatever it is that he does. But from what the fan boards show, Allison is no one’s favorite. She’s never even mentioned outside of Luther on fan boards.

Do you think that Vanya’s actions were justified in any manner? Why or why not?

She never meant to “kill” Allison. Her emotions were out of control and thus so were her powers. When she attacked Allison, she was just trying to silence her. I don’t think she committed a crime of passion, it was more like manslaughter by powers.

I disliked that Luther did not give her a chance to explain. He should have listened when his siblings wanted to free her and hear her side of the story. They couldn’t believe that she would act in a cold blooded manner towards one of their own, because she wasn’t that type of person. She would not have done that because it wasn’t a hot blooded crime of passion and rage, it was just an accident. So yes, I think they were justified. Being isolated like she was is enough to break anyone, especially with the load she is handling just having killed her boyfriend and almost sister. Luther was an a-hole.

Which sibling(s) did you find most attractive?


Which sibling did you dislike and why?

I wasn’t a fan of Diego. I’m not sure why, only that he was acting so fishy in the beginning. I also just didn’t find him as interesting as the other characters. 

Who was your favorite non-sibling character?

Probably Mom, or Dave

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Who was your favorite villain and why?

I liked the case holder for the apocalypse. She was such a pleasant lady.

Which dance scene was your favorite?

I’ve gotta say, “I Think We’re Alone Now.” I have been humming that song non-stop. I don’t even notice it until my co-workers look at me funny. I loved Diego’s dancing in that song.

Which was your favorite episode and why?

Probably the first episode with the dance scene, or the episode in which Klaus goes to the VFW and Diego checks on him. Don’t know which episode it is but also the scene where Klaus drives by in the ice cream truck- priceless! Another favorite scene is when Klaus channels Ben and his powers, I was stoked when that happened.

Which was your least favorite episode and why?

I did not like the final episode, only because it was the end!!

Who’s power would you like to have and why?

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It would rock to have Five’s power, but only if you had better control over it.

Who’s power would you hate to have and why?

It would suck to have Klaus’s powers. I don’t blame him for fearing the dead.

If you could date any of the characters, whom would you choose?

I would want to date Vanya or Klaus

Luther/Allison are a cute couple. Agree or disagree?

Agree! I don’t think it’s creepy for them to have love for each other. Hargreeves did not run his household like a family, it was more like a training camp or prison. He’s more like a cruel Professor X who demands total discipline than their father. They share a last name and a childhood, but it’s almost like they were raised in a group home for super kids. That’s exactly what it was. So in that facet, it isn’t incestuous.