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GOTHAM: My Newest Obsession

I must preface my review with the admission that I know little of DC timelines, and Huntress and Batwoman have always been my main interest. I was very interested in this show because of the premise that it’s before Batman’s time. I’d heard good things. But I don’t know anything about nit-picky things that hardcore fans would know, this is just my opinion of the show 🙂 Warning: CONTAINS SPOILERS!!!!

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I got sucked into this series easily. The gritty quality of the show compared to spoof-like Batman movies was very captivating. It has had some very hard hitting issues take place in the show, one of which is the lovely Barbara going batshit nuts. She was already on the road there as we can see in season 1 with her instability.

I actually really liked Gordon and Barbara being together, and her obsession over him after their break up I find entertaining. How she is oh-so-deliciously-crazy and she half way wants to kill him or be killed by him, how wonderfully maniacal!! I can tell you, I was on the edge of my seat when she went Bridezilla.

I’ve enjoyed her transition in season 3. She is truly crazy and in charge, to a degree. She has her hot assassin girlfriend and her club, how could life be better? Her conversations with Gordon are still really stimulating and she’s just oh-so-funny. “What are you willing to give him?” “Boop!”

As for Jim, my heart bleeds for him as season 3 starts. He finally gets his head out of his ass long enough to go looking for Lee, only to find she’s happy with somebody else! D: WHYYYY. (Not that Lee is my favorite, just crying buckets over here for my little Gordon TT_TT)

His character is so much gruffer than when the series started. Gotham has chewed him up like a meat grinder and you can tell. He is so jaded this season and he truly seems not to care for people’s well being in the way he used to. When he was a cop, he would have done anything to protect Ms. Peabody rather than putting her in harm’s way. I miss this;

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Bullock is pretty hilarious. His loyalty to Jim is unwavering, and he is a cool guy. He has put his life and his good name on the line time after time to help his partner. Only a true friend would help you to clear your name once you’ve been convicted of murder. Speaking of…..

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Another character I’ve really enjoyed in this series has been Nygma!!!

Obviously, he’s seen better days and I am glad he is out of Arkham. I was really into it when he was on his killing spree, becoming the person he truly was. I thought it was so creepy yet cool how he chose to help Penguin in the woods and asked him to help him be a better murderer. His logical problems and riddles were adorable, and I couldn’t help but love him to pieces in the first season, the little geek. He reminded me of all the nerdy guys I knew grewing up, who found it difficult to approach girls.

His obsession with Miss Kringle was endearing, but his descent into madness after he accidentally killed her was the best. That was really good TV, and his plan to frame Gordon was very good. This show has the best way of ending episodes with endings that leave you screaming for more. I think hubby & I watched the whole series in a span of like 3 days haha

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I freaking love Alfred Pennyworth to death in this series. It never occurred to me before just what kind of childhood Batman endured after his parent’s death. I just always skipped ahead to his adulthood. I had given no thought to who first taught Bruce to fight. Alfred is a total bad ass in this series, granted he does get his ass kicked or stabbed frequently though lol

His personality is really spot on with the posh accent bit, but then he gets totally bad ass in defending Bruce. He will stop at nothing to find Bruce. I read a really touching fanfiction online actually that made me fall even more in love with his character: read it here

My Old Son by Pickwick12
All about the developing relationship of Gotham’s Bruce Wayne and Alfred Pennyworth as they cope with the deaths of Thomas and Martha Wayne, because they deserve more fanfiction. Will follow the show but have original content. Potential spoilers for any episodes that have aired on US TV. Chapters 1-86 are companions to Season 1, 87-131 to S2, and 132 on go with S3

Lastly, my favorite villain is probably this guy.

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He’s just so fuckin’ wiley. I was ever so glad that Arkham didn’t beat the crazy out of him and he still had some leftover to give that bitch Grace what she deserved. That was horrible part to see one of my favorite characters go through. I am pretty enthralled by his recent developments, but not surprised. He somehow always has a way of coming out on top, that Penguin. I love his new and stronger alliance with Nygma, I can’t wait to see how they make their mark on the city.

Off to Eagerly await new episodes…….

Ladies Night Out at Wine & Palette OKC


imageIt was a smashing experience!! Great fun, watered down drinks so I didn’t get drunk or anything. Being surrounded by and involved in so much art felt very therapeutic and fun to me. The girls suggested we start going every month, and wouldn’t that be great?


Alisha’s favorite was of course Aladdin from Disney.



Selfie stick fun


~*~ Gettin’ My Drink On ~*~



It all would have been a really great night out if I didn’t have sour face Jake there to pick me up at the end of the night. I tell you I can’t win with that man. I do duplicitous things behind his back and he finds out and gets mad. I decide to own up and be honest before I am going to do something he’ll dislike, and he still gets royally pissed. He was mad that night and didn’t speak to me for like 3 hours, stewing in his anger. He was upset because he believes in a pact where I won’t drink if he’s not around. He’s worried I’ll get drunk and lose my inhibitions. Damn fool, doesn’t he realize with this ring on my finger he will not be getting rid of me quite so easily?!?!?!


Leap Day, What A Day~

 Jake and I are official now! 

I felt incredibly comforted the other night. Hubby and I were talking and I was ever so pleased when he turned out receptive to my idea. I want us to have an engagement party! I couldn’t believe he agreed. I called my Grandpa to see if we could have it at the Elk’s Lodge, and I want there to be karaoke. ^___^ IT WOULD BE THE MOST FUN.

It’s going to be one Friday in April. I’m so excited 🙂

What’s your dream engagement ring?

Your Dream Engagement Ring
has a Round Diamond!

A round diamond is classic and timeless, just like your style. Your diamond will always look with the times – and goes with everything.

Of all diamonds, round diamonds show the most sparkle. They are often chosen by sweet, dependable women who make marriage their #1 priority.

This test result is awesome because it’s exactly what Jake and I picked out. A couple of weeks ago, Jake and I walked into a Jared store and we picked out our engagement rings. We’re being non traditional, doing our own thing. My ring is gorgeous. Jake’s is quite the eye catcher as well. I love him. I feel safe, valued, and loved making this decision.

~* Charmmy Kitty is So Fab *~
What is Your Love Based On?
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Postsecret of the week:
Now that things are official and there’s a rock on my finger, I feel happy and secure. I feel excited to move forward with planning the wedding. I am tentatively reaching out to people to see if they will assist me. I asked Katie to come with me as my maid of honor and she said I am her best friend. *blush* I feel honored, considering how flakey I am. I just hope she will be able to help me with all the important and minute details. The next thing on my agenda is for Jake and I to have our pictures taken for an engagement notice to all our friends and family. I should probably start collecting addresses….

Wedding Bliss


This will serve as my first announcement of sorts. People may doubt my decision, but Jake and I are getting engaged!! No, he has not necessarily proposed, at least not formally or with a ring. Fear not, though, he and I are definitely on the same page. We both want the same thing, to always be together. I want us to be family, united as one. I would like to be Mrs. Martinez.

My first tentative date is August 27, 2016. It can only be sooner than then, not later. Jake and I are not looking for a long engagement. We want to be married, and purchasing our rings is one of the first steps. I actually made a binder to help organize everything. If I had the money, I’d hire a planner.

As it is, I’ve only made a few phone calls but looked up much on the internet. Jake is all behind the idea of a wedding, even though he’d rather just go down to the courthouse and have it done. I’m not strictly opposed to the idea, but I want to explore other options first.

Jake and I are trying to get a house together. We are hopelessly in love. I cannot get enough of him. Even though he’s not perfect, neither am I. I revel in and enjoy him completely. He is the only one that I want, the only one that I need.

Our sex life has been pretty happening as of late. That is a pleasant surprise and change in things between us! Before, sex was a huge source of stress and fights between us. I don’t know what was wrong, except I used to suspect my mood and anxiety medication. I stopped taking them both, and things seem to be going alright. I have a therapy session tomorrow. Things are going reasonably well. I absolutely love my job and the new people I work with. I don’t have to dread work everyday. I can just chill…