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I had such an intense dream.

It was one of those post-apocalypse dream worlds not unlike Book of Eli. The world was a dirty, dingy place full of unhappy nomads trying to find a place of peace. The worst part, there was no safe haven or sanctuary to ever be met for none existed forevermore. Everyone ran helter skelter thru the remains, scrambling to make ends meet, traveling from place to place scavenging and avoiding the patrols that passed for “the law nowadays” which actually terrorized its people. People were brown with dirt, wore rags, and men were unshaven and lousy with lice. It was such an immersive dream I woke up feeling discombobulated about where I was.

There was a reoccuring figure in the dream, a strong barrel-chested Native American warrior. The man was tall beyond compare and his brown chest was slick with sweat as his arms powerfully flexed and defeated his foes. He was vicious and violent in his attacks and he often came to my groups aid. He traveled in tandem with us, but never in our party, and I think that he was really always looking after me. He always arrived at the last moment to save our asses with his unconquerable fortitude. He was so powerful, his hair tied in long silken black braids, and a strong nose and chiseled face and hard, black eyes. He had a warrior’s paint and when I awoke, I was struck by his visage in my dream and felt a terrible urgency to identify his significance. For about an hour or two, then I forgot until just now. says;


To see an Indian in your dream represents the primitive and instinctual aspect of yourself. You need to be in more control of your waking-life situations and surroundings. You also need to be more self-reliant and exercise your personal power. Alternatively, this dream symbolizes honesty, dedication, and wisdom.

And that makes sense to me >___> My life is a mess and I’m only just now gaining the cajones to make a true evaluation of myself, but it ain’t been easy. What are critical friends for, after all? Do you sense a little chagrin and reluctance? It’s because he’s been urging me to put aside the bullshit and really decide what I want for my life and I’m just so fucked up I am having trouble envisioning good things actually happening to me for once, i.e. getting out of my mother’s house and thus from underneathe her thumb. I WANT MY APARTMENT, DAMMIT >=(

I just woke up from a dream.

There was some kind of mythical bad creature that lived in the clouds. When she was around, the clouds glowed multiple colors and her face, wretched in its false beauty, would croon to one small little child sitting out on her family’s balcony. But this little girl was no normal little girl- She was the daughter of a witch. Deep down inside her slept her mythical powers, ready to awaken at puberty. But because she was already magical, the woman in the clouds knew she could use the young girl.

Needing to gather her strength, she called out to the little girl and the small impressionable to-be witch looked upon her with curiosity and listened to her musical words with eagerness. The cloud woman began to sing melodiously and eventually, the small girl’s eyes went black, reflecting the multi colored clouds above her, and she swayed listlessly as she sang along with the woman who had hypnotized her.

She was discovered, fortunately, before the cloud woman could gather too much energy. The little girl’s mother, a young and fit witch, had been chopping vegetables for dinner when her ear suddenly caught the barest trace of her little girl’s voice as she sang. But something was off… and then she realized; her little girl was singing in some unknown language! Sensing danger, she rushed to the balcony and snatched her young child away, noting the disturbance in the clouds and the moon above. Alas, she could not see the cloud woman’s face nor hear her voice and the woman melted away. But the young witch had felt something….

The dream progresses to the witch mother calling on her own witchy mother. Three generations of witches sat side by side, sick with worry and anxiety rolling off them in waves. Somehow, they’d learned the secret of the cloud woman and her diabolical plot to harvest children’s energy by them singing to her. She sucked their energy through their mouths as they exhaled and all over the city, young children were falling ill and unresponsive. Their parents had no idea what was wrong with them and the city was in an uproar.

That is until someone heard a rumor. Or rather, they saw a sign being posted by a mysterious woman with a malicious smirk. The sign read that the witches knew what had overcome their children and that they should go seek the council of these wise women. It led the citizens to the witch’s apartment door, clamoring to get inside. An angry, scared mob had assembled outside their door and the longer their questions went unanswered, the more frenzied and angry they became until they were little breaking down their door.

All I remember then was violence. People were scratched, clawed viciously at the eyes, punched, pushed, fingers closed in crushing door slams.

It was all very strange and I am already forgetting things….