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Take Pride In Your Work


I posted this SansaxSandor smut fic earlier on Ao3, and I have over 200 hits in just like 4-5 hours!! I’m so impressed with myself lol


A Game of Thrones List

Because lists are fun right now!

Ships I Enjoy

  • Sansa/Sandor
  • Sansa/Petyr
  • Sansa/Robb
  • Sansa/Margarey
  • Sansa/Tyrion
  • Arya/Gendry
  • Arya/Sandor
  • Arya/Jon
  • Margarey/Robb
  • Margarey/Bronn
  • Jon/Ygritte
  • Dany/Khal Drogo
  • Dany/Jon
  • Dany/Missandei
  • Dany/Jorah
  • Dany/Yara
  • Missandei/Grey Worm
  • Brienne/Jaime
  • Brienne/Tormund
  • Jaime/Bronn
  • Yara/Ellaria
  • Oberyn/Ellaria

Characters I Enjoy

  • Gendry
  • Davos
  • Sandor
  • Jorah

Characters I will Always Miss

  • Ned Stark
  • Khal Drogo
  • Shireen Baratheon
  • Petyr Baelish
  • Ygritte
  • Tywin Lannister
  • Olenna Tyrell
  • Margarey Tyrell

Dynamic Duo(s)

  • Arya & Ned Stark
  • Arya & Jon Snow
  • Arya & Syrio Forrell
  • Arya & Yoren
  • Arya & The Bull
  • Arya & The Hound
  • Arya & J’ahqen Hagar


Excerpt from the short story ‘Lady Hunting’ (WIP)

Lady Hunting by ladylace616
Jane and Daria live in the city in their late twenties. Daria is a novelist. Jane works at a tattoo parlor and has a steady boyfriend named Gene. She and Gene want to keep things fresh and exciting in their relationship so they agree to add a third person to their relationship. Daria agrees to be Jane’s wing-woman on her quest to find the new addition to her relationship. Jane hopes in the process to help her perpetually single friend Daria meet someone not so terrible.

“I can’t believe we’re doing this.”

Jane was preoccupied, looking at herself in the bathroom mirror. She adjusted her breasts in her tight red tank top and smiled mischievously at herself. “Doing what?” she asked, distracted.

“I can’t believe we’re going trolling, looking for you a girlfriend,” Daria said.

“Daria! You said you’d try and be more open minded,” Jane chided her. They were in the bathroom of the local art museum. Jane had heard about a wine tasting party on the rooftop and of course she dragged her bestie along.

It was the perfect opportunity to find artsy gals, Jane said. She was on the market for a new girlfriend. Daria was in need of opening up her mind a little because Jane already had a steady boyfriend. They had been dating a couple of years and he had recently expressed a desire to add another person to their relationship. Jane was bi-curious. She agreed to her boyfriend’s proposition, on one condition.

“I get to pick the girl,” she said.

“I can’t believe Gene wants you to do this,” Daria said. “Oh please, how is there a downside to this for him? I bring home a smoking hot hottie and he gets to be with two women.”

Daria chuckled wryly. “I guess I hadn’t thought about it like that. But what about you? What about the risk you’re taking? Aren’t you worried he might end up liking the other girl more?”

“How could anyone like someone more than me? Did you not get the memo that I am the personification of the word ‘cool’?” Jane threw back her head with a throaty laugh. “Oh gee, aren’t I a dope?” Daria deadpanned. “But in the rare case-“ she insisted, but Jane cut her off.

“Quit worrying so much. So what if he ends up liking the other girl better? Then I would know that he was not the right man for me. And shouldn’t I find that out sooner rather than later?” she asked, eyebrow quirked.

Daria pursed her lips. “You might have a point there, Lane,” she conceded. Jane gave her a knowing look over her shoulder as she led their way out of the bathroom. They crossed through the spacious lobby of the museum and towards the elevators.

Before long, they were at the rooftop access. Jane paid for their cover and they slipped inside. It was hot outside, and everyone standing around in groups were all mostly young like themselves dressed in summer clothes.

There was music playing and lanterns hanging on strings strung up around the roof. There was a bar on the far side of the roof and a small fire pit with chairs scattered around it. A few people were seated there, but most were off to a side area with lounge chairs.

The friends went to procure drinks at the bar. Daria enjoyed the music playing and sipped at her glass of wine. She surveyed the crowd as she did so.

“What about her?” she asked.

She nodded her head to indicate a young blonde girl. She was ample in cleavage and chirping away animatedly.

“Too preppy,” Jane commented.

“Excuse me if I’m not familiar with your taste in women yet, being so new and all,” Daria commented. She was still taken aback by Jane’s recent admission.

Daria was strictly dickly. She had dated sporadically in college after she dumped Tom. She was a monogamous type of person, which is why Jane’s plan baffled her all the more. She could never imagine being self-assured and confident enough to allow a second woman into one of her relationships. Hell, she barely managed to make it out of her relationships alive when it was just her. She couldn’t imagine.

Jane liked to remind her often how long it had been since she’d been with anyone. She couldn’t help it if she couldn’t focus on much else besides her work. She didn’t feel the pressure to conform that so many of her generation did.

She didn’t need a house, kids, and a picket fence. She was happy with her loft apartment in the city and her cushy writing gig from home. Was she a hermit that preferred to do most of their writing in sweatpants? Yes, but who was she really hurting?

Jane wouldn’t stand for it. She wouldn’t allow her best friend to stay sequestered away for too long. She was always there to drag Daria out of her shell.

The last relationship Daria had been in ended messily. She seemed to have a knack for it. His name was Elliott and they had met at the library. He was also a writer with a neurosis to rival her own. He was a magazine editor. Their relationship ended badly when he took credit for one of her pieces during a dry spell. He had writer’s block and was desperate to meet a deadline. He was one of those writers who mostly smoked and stared at a blank word document on his computer. The kind of writer that doesn’t write.

Jaime Lannister Character Study

Honestly, I think I am maturing with this TV series. No character more than Jaime makes me think this. In the beginning, Jaime was a beautiful baddie. He was a handsome jerk who humped his sister and shoved kids out of windows. A horrible person.

We learned more about him. He was Kingslayer. I think it was an unfair rap that he got against his honor. Everyone thinks he is without honor because he did that~ but wasn’t it actually heroic what he did? Everyone was suffering under the Mad King’s rule. He did something just by saving more people. His moment in the bathtub with Brienne was truly an eye opener for me.

Speaking of his relationship with Brienne, I am highly entertained by it. I ship Jaime and Brienne. (Cersei’s a cunt, I just don’t like her.) Their relationship comes from a place of mutual trust and respect. They are good friends who hold each other in high esteem. The scene in which they meet in that tent was intense. I was laughing at Bronn’s apt description outside the tent.

Good Jaime/Brienne fanfics:

The Higher Education of Brienne of Tarth by BrienneofThrace

Brienne thought misery was supposed to end after high school. And perhaps it would have…if she hadn’t ended up going to the same college as Jaime Goddamn Lannister. A Jaime/Brienne modern-day college AU.

Paradise City by upsgirl88

Reading him in fanfiction more has softened me to his character. I am always interested in the dynamic characters of a show.  He grew emotionally as the series progressed. I find it hard to forget the scene in the sept where he overpowered his sister. That was rape in my opinion. “Why have the gods damned me to love such a cruel woman?”

I am more interested in his current quandary. He swore that he and his forces would join the North. He wants to honor that promise. He sees that everything is at stake- he believes in the White Walkers and agrees with Brienne. This is about more than house loyalties. The greater good is at stake. He must do what is best for the fate of the realm.

I think he is going to defy the crown and jump ship. His forces will be loyal to him and go forth. I predict that Jaime could potentially kill his sister. I believe it will be one of her brothers anyway. If it’s not Jaime, it will be Tyrion. I think there would be a certain justice in Tyrion getting to be the one to end his cruel sister’s life. While I do think Jaime had the potential to do it…. I don’t want to believe that he could. I think maybe his love for her might hold him back. It would be so tragic if that were true.

Cool article about Jaime:

The Duality of the Twin: Two Sides of Jaime Lannister

Another reason I started reading more Jaime fanfiction was because of this story:

Love On The Brain by ashleyfanfic (better described by tags than summary)

#Jon Snow/Daenerys Targaryen #Arya Stark/Gendry Waters #Jaime Lannister/Sansa Stark #Tormund Giantsbane/Brienne of Tarth #Meera Reed/Bran Stark #Incest #battles #Love #Sex #War #Night King #Loss #Hope #dragon fights #Pregnancy #Forbidden Love




I don’t like to ship Sansa with everybody, but in this story they are thrown together. I was surprised at how I felt about the pairing. Definitely prefer Brienne/Jaime. I also like Tormund/Brienne. But I think that if Brienne could choose between the two herself, she would pick Jaime.


Game of Thrones Fanfics: Sandor Ed.

Image result for sandor clegane

I do not know how to describe it, but I have this great longing for and identification that I share with the character Sandor Clegane, the Hound.

I live for fanfiction. I’ve been reading quite a lot of Games of Thrones fanfiction. My favorite pairing is SansaxSandor. I’ve been diversifying a little bit though lately and found some compelling dynamics.

The thing I admire about Sandor is he honestly is very complex. A troubled past, tough outside, vulnerable inside. I’ve read a few modern AU fics that I really identified with- In The Right Number, Sandor participates in a 12 step program and Elder Brother is his sponsor.

Related image

I love Sandor. I love both modern AU and canon versions of him.

The Right Number by Hollandoodle

When a wrong number leads to a chance meeting, drama ensues. Heavy on texting. Sansa works at a children’s museum and Sandor is a knife maker. But hey, opposites attract, right?

He reminds me of my husband. Tough and used to standing up for other people. He is strong where others are weak. Sensible, knows what to do and how to protect. Good for emergencies, knowledgeable in all important ways a man should be.

Sandor has a rough side occasionally. Some people write more of his tougher Hound self, the self that died when Brienne bested him and Arya left him for dead. That was the Hound that Sansa knew, a man whose rage simmered beneath the surface. Good example:

To Steel by cornix

Sandor thinks himself a changed man when he leaves the Quiet Isle. In the Vale, Sansa is trying to adapt to her new life and second marriage.

Circumstance has forced them both to adapt to their surroundings, but will they be able to reconcile each other with the images they’ve formed in their minds?


Then finally, the story I am following currently;

Side Quest by Kittles123

Jaime Lannister has defected from the Crown and left his sister in order to fulfill his pledge to join the war against the undead. But the journey will not be as simple as it sounds. Jaime finds that the road north is paved with choices – and he will not be traveling alone. This story picks up right where season 7 left off.


Arya and the Hound

The Wolf and the Hound by Pawprynt
Arya and the Hound have been travelling together for several years now. The constant bickering is comfortable between them and they constantly are complaining of the other. However, as winter approaches, nights get colder, and life brings them closer together, a spark just might happen and make these two people who “hate” each other feel something else. Rated M for later chapters.

I recently read a very interesting story. I really enjoy the Hound in fanfiction. Sandor Clegane. Cruel and rough, yet gentle at the same time. I marvel at Sandor’s character. If you consider him solely from the TV universe, he really is a noble character in many ways.

Yes, he killed because his King bid him to. He enjoyed killing. But he also protected those who are weak. He had a heart to break behind his ugly, scarred face. The way he offered himself to Sansa and did kind things for her twisted my heart.

She had little kindness in King’s Landing and that the ugly man who tried his best to scare her was one of the best things in her life.

The story I read was an AU in which Sandor and Arya stay together for years. They stay together as travelling companions into her teen years. A relationship forms. I really enjoyed the author’s ability to write Sandor. I have seen it also described in the novel Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell.

Scarlett musing about Rhett;

“The most exciting thing about him was that even in his outbursts of passion which were flavored sometimes with cruelty, sometimes with irritating amusement, he seemed always to be holding himself under restraint, always riding his emotions with a curb bit.”

His love is intense. Sansa has thought of it before, the sheer anger that reverberates off his body. In the story that I read, he was quite rough with Arya but it felt so real to read.

He would rough her up but she knew he would never hurt her. He did hurt her though, he punched her once and pulled her hair and bloodied her lip. Yet at the same time, the sexual energy in the relationship magnified what was going on. It was a very titillating read.

Did some scrounging around on the internet & found one fan who posed a cool question;

Did the Hound care for Arya as he did for Sansa? One thoughtful answer;


Read website here; https://www.quora.com/In-ASOIAF-did-the-Hound-care-for-Arya-as-he-did-for-Sansa

Not Another GOT post

#yeahitis #getusedtoit #gameofthrones #youwinoryoudie

The worst thing I can do when my husband and I are fighting is to read some Sansan fanfiction from Game of Thrones LOL I love SansaxSandor, that shit is almost canon. I particularly enjoy Modern Era stories of these two where they could hypothetically wind up together legitimately. Some of my favorites;

  1. Wait For Me
  2. Titanic Fic
  3. The Right Number
  4. To Steel
  5. Misconceptions

I have learned to read other Sansa pairings. I originally started off in the fandom shipping SansaxPetyr the most. Over time I started to feel the creepiness of it though and moved away from it.

I like Arya/Gendry fics. I have read both Brienne/Tormund and Brienne/Jamie stories. I am torn between the two. Been reading more of BriennexJamie lately. I am doing a character study on him actually but that is for another time.

I am interested in reading other stories. I have never been a big fan of Danaeryus/Jon in particular but one fic did get my interest piqued.


It features a Sansa/Jamie relationship aspect that I had not yet entertained. I both love and hate that you can pair Sansa with just about anyone if you put your mind to it. I’ve read a very good immersive tale of Sansa/Tyrion and also Sansa/Stannis. They are featured below;

A Shadow and a Wolf by Gracques
Tyrion Lannister weds Sansa Stark and everything goes as it happened in the show. However, just before Joffrey’s wedding, an unexpected event changes everything. The forced husband and wife will have to go beyond their family loyalties in order to survive and hope to win the game of thrones.

An Inconvenient King

I am interested in reading a more believable version of Sansa/Jamie. Couples I’m not terribly fond of;

SansaxJon *shrug* idk

But I am interested in a version of AryaxJon