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TWD: Shout Outs

What Walking Dead character are you?

It has happened. I have hit the peak of my fangirliness for The Walking Dead. I have started writing fanfiction (called Walking Dead Tell No Lies) and I am on the very last episode available to me on Netflix, the season 5 finale. I’m waiting for Jake to watch it. ^__^ My fanfiction is a series of drabbles about my favorite characters among the dead. Some of the following will be featured, including Herschel;

Andrea was pretty bad ass, imho. I wish she would have killed the Governor before he fucking killed Herschel :[

I liked Shane a lot until he got rapey.

I didn’t realize I liked Dale so much until I started writing these drabbles. He keeps popping up in everything I try to write lol This look on his face is priceless, right after he witnessed Shane training a weapon on the unsuspecting Rick’s back. *bites nails*

Bob and his little thing with Sasha caught my attention. I was just getting used to his character when he kicked the bucket. At least we got some quality entertainment out of his grizzly death, as any cursory search on the net will show all his tainted meat themes >_> O_o

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Lizzie & Mica

Lizzie and Mica fucking slayed me emotionally in this show. Their unfortunate deaths were two that I will never forget. Next to all the cannibalism, this was one of the worst and most impacting things I saw happen. It’s damned near a miracle that Carol is as well adjusted as she is. It was horrible what she had to do and this show is so super gripping every moment. I want to write about the girls, and Carol who is one of my favorite characters.

I’m sure more will be added soon :/

WARNING: Obsessive Fangirl Moment


Finally watched the first episode of season 5!!! I’m so friggin excited. It’s torture having to wait for more. I absolutely loved Merida, and hope to see more of her. This website is really fun to peruse, the picture above came from it and there are many more gems.

I’ve been writing my own Once Upon a Time fanfic feverishly lately. I’ve lost a lot of sleep and been irresponsible, staying up so late I’ve even been late to work. I’ve literally been staying up all hours of the night working on writing again. The one sitting the other day, I pumped out nearly four whole chapters and they weren’t short neither. That hardly NEVER happens. I am elated to be doing something I enjoy. It’s fun having an obsession again.

Without further ado, the byproduct of my obsession:

Save the Savior by ladylace616
AU. Emma went with Lily at the bus stop and they’ve been together ever since. The Apprentice never showed himself to Lily and they grow up full of questions about their parents. One day, August the mysterious writer moves in next door & is determined to take them on a trip that will change their lives. The question is will it be for better or for worse? Chapter 10, Happy Halloween!

Sources of inspiration

Stories I am reading;

  1. The Dumbest Idea Ever by Rose unspindle [Read this if you’re feeling kinky. Polyam]
  2. Of Thieves, Smugglers and Reformed Hearts by lenfaz
    Modern Life AU – Granny has a special program where she gives reformed petty criminals room and boarding at Granny’s and help them get back on his feet. Killian and Will are part of the program. Killian’s path will lead him to the sheriff, Emma; while Will’s will take him to the arms of the recent divorced librarian, Belle.
  3. Of Madness and Love by KeyWillow8626
    Because Jefferson needs a love-interest and the madness will never end anyway.
  4. Salt Water Soothes the Soul by Ltb16
    CS AU. Her life hadn’t been easy but she always found some comfort when she was near the water. Now Emma Swan lives in a tiny resort town, enjoying small town life. Killian Jones recently lost his brother and wanted a new start. When he meets Emma in a random encounter, he finds himself wanting more. Will these two allow the salt water to sooth their souls? *Updated every Tuesday.
  5. Mind Games by CurvyPragmatist
    Major Emma Swan is signed off from active duty following an accident, refusing any and all help she eventually befriends a cat-loving Doctor with her own issues. SwanQueen AU.

PostSecret of the Week:

As I work on my creative efforts, I’ve been watching my Captain Swan Feels playlist. Please watch and adore the cuteness.