Jaime Lannister Character Study

Honestly, I think I am maturing with this TV series. No character more than Jaime makes me think this. In the beginning, Jaime was a beautiful baddie. He was a handsome jerk who humped his sister and shoved kids out of windows. A horrible person.

We learned more about him. He was Kingslayer. I think it was an unfair rap that he got against his honor. Everyone thinks he is without honor because he did that~ but wasn’t it actually heroic what he did? Everyone was suffering under the Mad King’s rule. He did something just by saving more people. His moment in the bathtub with Brienne was truly an eye opener for me.

Speaking of his relationship with Brienne, I am highly entertained by it. I ship Jaime and Brienne. (Cersei’s a cunt, I just don’t like her.) Their relationship comes from a place of mutual trust and respect. They are good friends who hold each other in high esteem. The scene in which they meet in that tent was intense. I was laughing at Bronn’s apt description outside the tent.

Good Jaime/Brienne fanfics:

The Higher Education of Brienne of Tarth by BrienneofThrace

Brienne thought misery was supposed to end after high school. And perhaps it would have…if she hadn’t ended up going to the same college as Jaime Goddamn Lannister. A Jaime/Brienne modern-day college AU.

Paradise City by upsgirl88

Reading him in fanfiction more has softened me to his character. I am always interested in the dynamic characters of a show.  He grew emotionally as the series progressed. I find it hard to forget the scene in the sept where he overpowered his sister. That was rape in my opinion. “Why have the gods damned me to love such a cruel woman?”

I am more interested in his current quandary. He swore that he and his forces would join the North. He wants to honor that promise. He sees that everything is at stake- he believes in the White Walkers and agrees with Brienne. This is about more than house loyalties. The greater good is at stake. He must do what is best for the fate of the realm.

I think he is going to defy the crown and jump ship. His forces will be loyal to him and go forth. I predict that Jaime could potentially kill his sister. I believe it will be one of her brothers anyway. If it’s not Jaime, it will be Tyrion. I think there would be a certain justice in Tyrion getting to be the one to end his cruel sister’s life. While I do think Jaime had the potential to do it…. I don’t want to believe that he could. I think maybe his love for her might hold him back. It would be so tragic if that were true.

Cool article about Jaime:

The Duality of the Twin: Two Sides of Jaime Lannister

Another reason I started reading more Jaime fanfiction was because of this story:

Love On The Brain by ashleyfanfic (better described by tags than summary)

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I don’t like to ship Sansa with everybody, but in this story they are thrown together. I was surprised at how I felt about the pairing. Definitely prefer Brienne/Jaime. I also like Tormund/Brienne. But I think that if Brienne could choose between the two herself, she would pick Jaime.



Game of Thrones Fanfics: Sandor Ed.

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I do not know how to describe it, but I have this great longing for and identification that I share with the character Sandor Clegane, the Hound.

I live for fanfiction. I’ve been reading quite a lot of Games of Thrones fanfiction. My favorite pairing is SansaxSandor. I’ve been diversifying a little bit though lately and found some compelling dynamics.

The thing I admire about Sandor is he honestly is very complex. A troubled past, tough outside, vulnerable inside. I’ve read a few modern AU fics that I really identified with- In The Right Number, Sandor participates in a 12 step program and Elder Brother is his sponsor.

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I love Sandor. I love both modern AU and canon versions of him.

The Right Number by Hollandoodle

When a wrong number leads to a chance meeting, drama ensues. Heavy on texting. Sansa works at a children’s museum and Sandor is a knife maker. But hey, opposites attract, right?

He reminds me of my husband. Tough and used to standing up for other people. He is strong where others are weak. Sensible, knows what to do and how to protect. Good for emergencies, knowledgeable in all important ways a man should be.

Sandor has a rough side occasionally. Some people write more of his tougher Hound self, the self that died when Brienne bested him and Arya left him for dead. That was the Hound that Sansa knew, a man whose rage simmered beneath the surface. Good example:

To Steel by cornix

Sandor thinks himself a changed man when he leaves the Quiet Isle. In the Vale, Sansa is trying to adapt to her new life and second marriage.

Circumstance has forced them both to adapt to their surroundings, but will they be able to reconcile each other with the images they’ve formed in their minds?


Then finally, the story I am following currently;

Side Quest by Kittles123

Jaime Lannister has defected from the Crown and left his sister in order to fulfill his pledge to join the war against the undead. But the journey will not be as simple as it sounds. Jaime finds that the road north is paved with choices – and he will not be traveling alone. This story picks up right where season 7 left off.


Arya and the Hound

The Wolf and the Hound by Pawprynt
Arya and the Hound have been travelling together for several years now. The constant bickering is comfortable between them and they constantly are complaining of the other. However, as winter approaches, nights get colder, and life brings them closer together, a spark just might happen and make these two people who “hate” each other feel something else. Rated M for later chapters.

I recently read a very interesting story. I really enjoy the Hound in fanfiction. Sandor Clegane. Cruel and rough, yet gentle at the same time. I marvel at Sandor’s character. If you consider him solely from the TV universe, he really is a noble character in many ways.

Yes, he killed because his King bid him to. He enjoyed killing. But he also protected those who are weak. He had a heart to break behind his ugly, scarred face. The way he offered himself to Sansa and did kind things for her twisted my heart.

She had little kindness in King’s Landing and that the ugly man who tried his best to scare her was one of the best things in her life.

The story I read was an AU in which Sandor and Arya stay together for years. They stay together as travelling companions into her teen years. A relationship forms. I really enjoyed the author’s ability to write Sandor. I have seen it also described in the novel Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell.

Scarlett musing about Rhett;

“The most exciting thing about him was that even in his outbursts of passion which were flavored sometimes with cruelty, sometimes with irritating amusement, he seemed always to be holding himself under restraint, always riding his emotions with a curb bit.”

His love is intense. Sansa has thought of it before, the sheer anger that reverberates off his body. In the story that I read, he was quite rough with Arya but it felt so real to read.

He would rough her up but she knew he would never hurt her. He did hurt her though, he punched her once and pulled her hair and bloodied her lip. Yet at the same time, the sexual energy in the relationship magnified what was going on. It was a very titillating read.

Did some scrounging around on the internet & found one fan who posed a cool question;

Did the Hound care for Arya as he did for Sansa? One thoughtful answer;


Read website here; https://www.quora.com/In-ASOIAF-did-the-Hound-care-for-Arya-as-he-did-for-Sansa

Not Another GOT post

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The worst thing I can do when my husband and I are fighting is to read some Sansan fanfiction from Game of Thrones LOL I love SansaxSandor, that shit is almost canon. I particularly enjoy Modern Era stories of these two where they could hypothetically wind up together legitimately. Some of my favorites;

  1. Wait For Me
  2. Titanic Fic
  3. The Right Number
  4. To Steel
  5. Misconceptions

I have learned to read other Sansa pairings. I originally started off in the fandom shipping SansaxPetyr the most. Over time I started to feel the creepiness of it though and moved away from it.

I like Arya/Gendry fics. I have read both Brienne/Tormund and Brienne/Jamie stories. I am torn between the two. Been reading more of BriennexJamie lately. I am doing a character study on him actually but that is for another time.

I am interested in reading other stories. I have never been a big fan of Danaeryus/Jon in particular but one fic did get my interest piqued.


It features a Sansa/Jamie relationship aspect that I had not yet entertained. I both love and hate that you can pair Sansa with just about anyone if you put your mind to it. I’ve read a very good immersive tale of Sansa/Tyrion and also Sansa/Stannis. They are featured below;

A Shadow and a Wolf by Gracques
Tyrion Lannister weds Sansa Stark and everything goes as it happened in the show. However, just before Joffrey’s wedding, an unexpected event changes everything. The forced husband and wife will have to go beyond their family loyalties in order to survive and hope to win the game of thrones.

An Inconvenient King

I am interested in reading a more believable version of Sansa/Jamie. Couples I’m not terribly fond of;

SansaxJon *shrug* idk

But I am interested in a version of AryaxJon

Missing Game of Thrones Already

I can’t wait for the new season of Game of Thrones to come out. I was, of course, devastated when it was announced we won’t see the new season until 2019. In the mean time, I entertain myself with important things like musings about couples and my favorite characters 🙂 I pass the time reading fanfiction and re-watching episodes and favorite scenes. I’m here to share some of my favorites with you! ^_^

Top 3 Female Leads

Brienne- I adore Brienne because of her sense of good character. She values integrity and loyalty. She marches to the beat of her own drum. Her dedication goes beyond the grave. She lives to protect and serve. I kind of think of her as slightly matronly, honestly, when it comes to her two wards. She would do anything for them, sacrifice all for them. They are her sole focus and her determination and resolve are admirable. Her strength is stellar!!! I must have watched her defeat of the Hound a million times, I tell you what!

Dany- I have loved Daenerys since the moment she learned to tame Khal Drogo. Such a clever young woman. She is compassionate and kind, a benevolent leader in all ways. I love her power plays. She single handedly managed to assemble such a well rounded council to help her on her way to the Throne. Watching her finally cross the sea to Westeros was exciting, and the payoff on the scene with the Loot Train was just SPECTACULAR. She’s so brave and smart. Her speeches are motivating and I would have gladly accepted her as my Queen.

Image result for daenerys white

I could rewatch her scenes for hours, but some of my favorites are;

  1. Killing All the Khals & Walking out of the Flames
  2. Her escape on the back of Drogo
  3. the sacking of Astapor and stealing the Unsullied

Arya- Liam Cunngingham has expressed doubts about young girls who regard Arya as a role model. He says she’s a serial killer. That may be so, but has Arya killed anyone who didn’t deserve it? Even when she killed all the Freys, she spared the women. I don’t think it’s fair to say she’s a sociopath or whatever. She has a strong sense of justice and knows the cardinal rule; The North Remembers. She’s more of a kick ass vigilante in my book. An assassin with a conscious. Her moments with the Hound were some of my favorite scenes. Arya is admirable because she’s not afraid to stand alone. Be strong, defend herself, and claim vengeance for her family.

Honorable Mentions;

Margarey & Olenna

Image result for tell cersei it was me

Because she is a bad ass. I also admired Margarey because she was good at manipulation as well. She seemed pretty open minded, too. Very clever.

Top 3 Male Leads

Littlefinger- A villain you love to hate. I had to admire his cunning. He was a master mind of manipulation. Such a useful skill, and it made him very titillating to watch. What would he do next? He is borderline creepy to me, but I also see his appeal at times. I’m both repelled and drawn in by the character. Good acting. One of my favorite scenes is when he kisses Sansa and the aftermath of that decision. Pushing Lysa out the moon door, and then Sansa covering for him. He turns into a dick of course *rolls eyes* Go figure.

Image result for tormund

Tormund- He has proven to be one of my favorite male leads! I like his loyalty to Jon and how his people love him and will follow him anywhere. Of course his infatuation with Brienne is making him all the more endearing. I was screaming at the TV when I thought the walkers had him, before Sandor got to him. I was on the edge of my friggin’ seat. I don’t want to lose this character.

Image result for tyrion quotes

Tyrion- I have enjoyed his wit. Waiting with baited breath for the ending of the honeycomb joke. I was a big fan of him during the time he went to act as the Hand on his father’s behest. I loved him from the moment he slapped his crappy nephew around. He and Cersei are some of the only people to do what we wished we could do lol Brutalize that little bastard haha I thought his wholesome treatment of Sansa during their forced marriage spoke volumes about his character. He didn’t deserve what happened with Shae. I have lost interest in his character now that he is on Dany’s side, but I still admit I admire his strategic mind. Not to mention his friends, Bronn & Podrick.

Go to your happy place

I live at the X-Men mansion. Have the power to travel interdimensionally and experience others worlds, or copy elements in their current habitat and encourage others to see and hear things that are not physically present.

People That Live with me in the Mansion:

Image result for carol and daryl

Carol & Daryl from The Walking DeadThese two are a dynamite duo!! They are the main security of the mansion because ain’t no shit getting past these two! I love how bad ass they are both together and apart as individuals. Carol is genuinely a role model of mine, at least from the TV series. (Have not read the comic, aspire to)

Image result for april and andy

Andy and April from Parks and Recreation, I dig both of these two hardcore. Andy is my spirit animal. I would love to hang out with both of them, because of his entertainment value and her dry wit. Her dark sense of humor would jive with the rest of the group.

Related image

Michael and Eleanor, They are hilarious! *wink*

Image result for daria jane
Daria Morgendorfer and Jane Lane from Dariafor their unending sarcasm and quips. Their intelligence and penchant for art and poetry combined make them a great duo.

Image result for jason mendoza janet

Jason Mendoza and Janet, because I need a lot of light heartedness to balance the darkness in my mind

Image result for lorraine broughton

Lorraine Broughton and Delphi Lasalle from Atomic BlondeBecause Lorraine would strike down my enemies out in the field secretly. I value her cunning intelligence, resourcefulness, and strength. And Delphi because I need lesbians in my life =P

Image result for brienne of tarth

Brienne of Tarth from Game of Thrones, Also for security. I value her undying loyalty and strength. She is a true individual who marches to the beat of her own drum. She is independent and determined. 

Image result for ghost world

Enid from Ghost World, Her sense of adventure and art makes her valuable. We would get along great. She is super nerdy, too. A little lost inside and mentally scattered, as we deep types are wont to do. I identify with her, especially seeing an older man. (Also, she’s undeniably sexy.)

Image result for adult wednesday addams

Adult Wednesday AdamsThis web series was like eureka!! She is such an identifiable character as well. She’s independent and outspoken. Intelligent and insulting, cunning and deep. I like her dark sense of humor as well. 

Related image

Raven from Teen TitansI admire her degree of mental control. I wish to attain the level of zen she is able to achieve through meditation. I like her dark spells and the concept of all her personalities being my friend would be fun, as if they were all running around the mansion. She also enjoys poetry and study so we would click.

Image result for alex vause nicky
Alex Vause from Orange is the New Black, I have the hugest crush on her. Her lewd sense of humor and capacity for fucking up is something I can relate to unfortunately. Plus more lesbians, we discussed this.

Related image

Khal Drogo and Danaeryus Stormborn from Game of Thrones, They are both very sexy and driven individuals. They were a beautiful team and it would please me muchly if the Khaleesi were to share her Khal with me *wiggles eyebrows*

Image result for louis huang

Louis Huang, He is the sweetest and nicest guy around. Any girl would be lucky to have him. One of the moments I remember most about him is that Jessica his wife said, “You really want me to have the things I want. I’m never going to get mad at you for that.” ❤ Be still my heart.


Which character do you identify with most in Game of Thrones?


Khal Drogo, strong and confident
Dany, brilliantly smart and confident, self-motivated
Brienne of Tarth, independent, strong, self-discipline
Arya, strong, resourceful, knowledgeable
Jon Snow, broody, outcast, magnanimous 
Sansa, courtesy and suffering, picks her battles, wise, silently strong
The Hound Sandor Clegane, reminds me of my husband, damaged but self-assured
Littlefinger, manipulator extreme, mysterious, knowledgeable, untrustworthy
Lyanna Mormont, tough as all get out, proud
Shireen Baratheon, knowledgeable, kind, friendly, bookworm (Hufflepuff)
Margary Tyrell, strategist, generous, intelligent (Ravenclaw/Slytherin)
Podrick Payne, loyal
Tyrion Lannister, philosophist, knowledgeable, bookworm
Oberyn Martell, open sexuality, bisexy, very loving
Bronn, self-serving, knowledgeable, strong, resourceful
Yara, confident, leadership skills, knowledgeable, open sexuality
Sam, bullied, cowardly, bookworm

Shireen, Sansa, and Yara

I liken myself the most to Shireen. She was knowledgeable and kind. We shared a love of books. She had an innocent way of going about despite her face. That coincides with my desire to have everyone like me and be friendly. Shireen was smart enough to ask tough questions. She didn’t accept things at face value, she had reserved opinions of her own. She was mentally strong and yet gentle at the same time. I relate to Sansa because she has suffered a lot to get where she is. I know something about having to keep quiet to please others. I have felt some of the abuse that she had to endure, certainly not all. She smiles through the pain, and that’s something I’ve learned to do as well. Sansa is a survivor, a silent endurer. I likened myself to Yara in the fact that I have leadership skills and I have an open attitude towards sexuality and perhaps share her sense of crude humor.

Image result for damaged people are dangerous
Sam, Jon

Regrettably when I first asked myself this question, the person I identified with most was Sam Tarly. *wince* He came to mind first because of his poor self-esteem and how he was bullied and unwelcome at his own home. I was similarly ill-abused at my own family’s hands and left feeling very alone. On the flip side, I positively likened myself to him because he is knowledgeable and a book worm, turning to the library for answers.

The second male I likened myself to is Jon Snow, but that was mostly for my ability to brood.
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