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Old Job, New Impressions

I have been having a rocky start at my new job. A few of the personalities at work are at odds with mine. There is one other manager on my level at my job and she is a wild one. I have told everyone that she’s the complete opposite of me; tall, thin, loud, and opinionated. She’s quite risque. Other coworkers and I talk about how scandalously she talks and how upper management lets her get away with it.

I laughed to myself this morning. I have a new manager (one month after getting hired O_o) and he was chiding the afore mentioned manager for being too sexual at work, talking about her boobs. Isn’t that common sense not to mention or draw attention to your boobs at work? I don’t know, call me old fashioned. *rolls eyes*

So there’s a level of professionalism lacking, to say the least.

I have no regrets about transferring back to the Old Ren, I’ll say that. It was like time ravaging a past lover of yours. One day, you come back to find their skin is sagging and things are amiss. My hotel is not as good as it once was. Time has done a number on it as well as shoddy management. The manager who hired me was more laissez faire than she could afford to be, as well as the general manager before her.

No one has trained me on anything. It’s lucky I remember a lot about the job I once held 2 years ago. I was at the peak of my career working in the same position I am now. Now, I have surpassed even that time. Now I am getting paid more than I ever have at any job of mine. I feel accomplished. I feel I can endure for the compensation I’m receiving. The disposable income I have had is making me feel so much better about many things. I don’t regret leaving the Residence Inn.

There was another girl that gave me much grief at my job. She was my problem child. I hated her passionately in a way I have rarely felt about a subordinate. She was loathed to do her job. She hated me because I wouldn’t let her do as she pleased. I was never so glad for someone to put their two week’s notice in!!

It bothered me that someone I had to work with so frequently disliked me. She so obviously disliked me and the feeling was mutual. I feel quite annoyed that I wasn’t able to commandeer respect from that little shit. I never did anything to her, besides expect her to do what she is paid to do. She didn’t even see fit to speak to me on her last day, and for all I wanted to wish her well, too. Bitch.

I get along well with everybody, if you don’t like me, there’s probably something more to that. Others said she had a problem with authority. I wasn’t the only one she’d been a thorn in the side to. But she and the manager I mentioned before seemed to be on each others’ side. She would keep my worker in the back office talking when she knew I wanted her to work, thus vexing me terribly.

That same manager also undermines my authority all of the time. She stays late frequently into my shift, often half of my shift. Even though I am the manager on duty, my co-workers felt more inclined to ask her permission for things and talk to her more. I get the feeling I am not as charming and vivacious, but what gives? It annoys me.

Why aren’t people warming to me faster? Better? I don’t think I’m doing anything wrong. But perhaps I have overlooked some behavior…..


Ode to a Mean Girl & 13 Reasons Why

Sometimes 40. Maybe 50.:

Work has been improving greatly for me. I was able to hire someone new and she is quite a gem thus far. I’ve been able to step back into my managerial role again and it’s been quite the distinction. Instead of running everything at the desk and getting frazzled, realizing I don’t have enough time to get everything done, now I can relax and let her do check ins. I can get things done, I am not all on my own. That’s been one positive change.

The other new improvement is my new boss. I enjoy working with Rebecca a lot. She is very efficient and her experience as a manager shows in the way she handles herself. She doesn’t know everything about the front desk but she is a quick learner. We’ve been getting along so far.

I think I’ve made a solid first impression. I asked to train the new hire, and I take on a lot of projects. Yet she has successfully taken a lot of pressure off my shoulders and a lot of work from my hands, something her predecessor failed to do. It’s refreshing to have someone who can concentrate well enough to get the job done. I regret that I do not qualify for that level of togetherness yet. I strive to achieve that someday, though. I’m just not there yet.

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Another positive thing I noticed around work is actually thanks to 13 Reasons Why. We have an employee who is notoriously rude and demeaning that we all have to endure everyday. We all mess up to her, it’s just a matter of degree if you’re going to get bitched out or not. During my time at this job, my department held a one-hour long meeting in which every member of the team experienced her heinous behavior and on multiple occasions. They had numerous examples to present to our general manager. Everyone shared their experiences and we had a shout-out to Mean Girls by everyone saying this about that individual.

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She watched 13 Reasons Why because it is so popular. I was discussing her with another coworker, when the co-worker (who knows her better) mentioned that she never looked at things the way it looks from the victim’s standpoint. She apparently said she had no idea the impact she had on other people.

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Miraculously, she has improved her behavior. (I hope not temporarily.) She has been offering assistance without being tongue in cheek like she has in the past. She is helpful with no ulterior motive. I was shocked the other day when she offered to watch the desk for me while I went to get my lunch. It was unheard of, basically. I’ve noticed her improvements, and wonder if I should comment, but I’m afraid it’ll backfire on me somehow if I congratulate her. Do you think I should say something? Would you?

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Boom Goes the Bomb!

My boss recently called me into his office to tell me some news. It started out kind of light, a little joking, and then he segued into the poor performances around the office lately. Before I knew it, he was confessing to me that he’s leaving!!!!

O.O As if that’s not distressing enough, he said to me, “Of course I’ll be backing you for the position.” O_O Honestly, I’m sitting pretty right now being an hourly employee and in the hotel industry going salary is pretty much the kiss of death D: :((((( SO NOT HAPPY!!!!

My first thoughts:

  • I don’t really want the position
  • There are so many more responsibilities
  • Before when our department performed poorly, he got yelled at and now it will be me :((((
  • I will have to become an adult and start going to work at 7 in the morning and THAT’S NOT ME!!! ARRRRRRGH!!!! (This is what I dread the most, having to switch my PM lifestyle)
  • When people don’t show up, I’ll have to cover their shifts :((((
  • I’ll be responsible for firing people
  • I don’t think I’m responsible/reliable enough for the job

I kept all of this to myself, of course. I don’t want them to see me in doubt. I want to appear confident and ready, when really I’m shitting myself. Jake was disappointed in me for not being more excited. I mean, there are reasons to be glad-

  • I’ll be managing my own team
  • I can pick my own assistant to share my workload
  • LOTS MORE $$$
  • Being a front office manager is what I’ve always wanted to be, and the ultimate goal for my hospitality career so I should be happy about that

I’m just increasingly unsure of myself, and don’t think I’m ready. When really, it’s not that I’m not necessarily ready it’s that I CANNOT STAND THE IDEA OF DOING THE AM SHIFTS!!!! UGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH I seriously hate mornings, they can’t make me get up in the mornings I will be useless and I just do not fucking want it at all. If I could stay PM, I would have no problem taking over the position but that seems highly unlikely 😦 Why you gotta fuck shit up boss, now the pressure is on me :((((((

Stranger Things Have Happened

Tonight, I received a call from my mother. She was inquiring on my Grandpa’s behalf if I could give him a discounted room for the evening at my hotel. You see, I happen to know my Grandpa was traveling with his girlfriend from South Dakota where he’s on site working.

I was a little surprised that Grandpa was willing to bring the girl by. In the past, he’s always kept his illicit actions more to himself and he tries to show me his best self. I wasn’t upset, he cheated on my saint of a grandma, and I don’t harbor any love towards his current wife. I do feel a little bad for her. Pretty much as soon as my Grandpa gets married, it’s time to find a girlfriend. I kind of took it as a turning point in our relationship, like he considers me more of an adult. I will admit, I was a little jealous when I heard he had my cousin picking up jewelry for the woman, and he was pretending like she didn’t exist when he talked to me. This levels the playing field.

A lot of my family have this infidelity problem. My aunt is a serial whore. She and her husband have some kind of sick agreement, in which he remains depressed and drunk constantly to deal with her many going ons. He won’t leave her though because he can’t take care of himself, he needs her to be his housewife and mother of his children. So she does all her sleeping around to satisfy herself since she has chosen to tie herself to a man she no longer respects as a man. She has said she considers him another child to be taken care of.

My uncle Matt has brought a mistress to family functions before. Grandpa doted on the woman’s child he brought along. It’s just something that our whole family has touched on or experienced first hand. I have been a cheater myself in the past, but no more. I was young and stupid. 

Now I am ready to be committed to Jacob. (I never cheated on Jake.) All the while I was thinking of my unfaithful relatives, I had in mind the concept of a wedding. Now was not the right time to tell Grandpa that Jake and I are engaged, although I wanted to. Maybe Jake might wonder with how shameless my family is if fidelity would be an issue on my part. I wanted to assure him that while I do have all those bad influences in my life, I also have one shining light. A beacon, a person who was my lighthouse in life.

My Granny was the most splendid person in the world. I miss her everyday. All these other people in our family don’t respect marriage, but she did. She showed me how sacred the vow is and how to love and respect someone. She loved Grandpa desperately even when he cheated constantly and was away all the time for his jobs. She could of gotten remarried but she would never allow my Grandpa and her to get a divorce. They were separated, but not officially. Until the day of her death, she was his wife.

I could be a good mother and wife if I tried to be half the person my Grandma was. I wish I could talk about all these wedding arrangements with my dear sweet Grandma, I can see in my mind the smile on her face. I miss her terribly. I feel that she would have really liked Jake and how well he takes care of me. I’m glad he and I are taking this step.

I can’t wait to make it official with rings.

Work Opportunity

Ideas to Make Our Team Stronger and Increase GSS scores

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Turn Morale Around

  • More front office meetings to make sure everyone is on the same page. Also, seeing everyone altogether where we can feel relaxed enough to ask questions that maybe not everyone knows. We want to make people feel more comfortable, like we’re more of a team. That way perhaps we’ll feel less stressed on a regular base. Avoid more mistakes this way.
  • Make sure assistant managers are being more positive and not burnt out. They have to lead by example, and their negativity can rub off. Perhaps we can accomplish this by shortening some of their days, or getting them 2 days off.
  • Little official front office get-togethers like on the second floor, a moment to slip away and have cupcakes and mix together or something like that, maybe announce important changes or groups at that time. Could be as short as a 1/2 hr to 1 hr maybe once a month/biweekly.

Ensure new employees are properly trained

  • Go over check lists, explain in detail
  • Actually go over the training subject for each day to emphasize brand standards
  • Do more role playing and hypothetical situations for training, that way they can be informally trained in a friendly manner that inspires discourse. Try to ask open ended questions.

More Follow Up

I notice that we do not always make time to follow up with our guests sometimes in a rush. (Front desk primarily) It would improve our scores if we actually followed up with the guest because they appreciate it when we take the time out to make sure their stay is going okay. Some guests recognize the extra effort and take the trouble to mention it later on at check out, etc. So keep up the good work guys, they appreciate it when we do this!

Better communication during busy day

  • I would recommend the use of a comprehensive red book like my previous job had. I thought that was an efficient way to communicate from shift to shift, or nightly reminders.
  • I would also recommend a lost and found log at the back office, since things have been carried off. We need to take better care of our guest items. We could have DTS or MOD in charge of this, if someone needs to put something in lost & found back office storage, they have to go either to go through appropriate channels to log it properly before they can just carelessly throw things in there (or take them out). Have a log with the forms attached to the item and also make sure it is entered in chargerback. This is an issue we have had to deal with frequently, so all the better to put a stop to it. Guests get frustrated when we don’t communicate with them and not return their inquiries, and this isn’t helping our scores.