Excerpt from the short story ‘Lady Hunting’ (WIP)

Lady Hunting by ladylace616
Jane and Daria live in the city in their late twenties. Daria is a novelist. Jane works at a tattoo parlor and has a steady boyfriend named Gene. She and Gene want to keep things fresh and exciting in their relationship so they agree to add a third person to their relationship. Daria agrees to be Jane’s wing-woman on her quest to find the new addition to her relationship. Jane hopes in the process to help her perpetually single friend Daria meet someone not so terrible.

“I can’t believe we’re doing this.”

Jane was preoccupied, looking at herself in the bathroom mirror. She adjusted her breasts in her tight red tank top and smiled mischievously at herself. “Doing what?” she asked, distracted.

“I can’t believe we’re going trolling, looking for you a girlfriend,” Daria said.

“Daria! You said you’d try and be more open minded,” Jane chided her. They were in the bathroom of the local art museum. Jane had heard about a wine tasting party on the rooftop and of course she dragged her bestie along.

It was the perfect opportunity to find artsy gals, Jane said. She was on the market for a new girlfriend. Daria was in need of opening up her mind a little because Jane already had a steady boyfriend. They had been dating a couple of years and he had recently expressed a desire to add another person to their relationship. Jane was bi-curious. She agreed to her boyfriend’s proposition, on one condition.

“I get to pick the girl,” she said.

“I can’t believe Gene wants you to do this,” Daria said. “Oh please, how is there a downside to this for him? I bring home a smoking hot hottie and he gets to be with two women.”

Daria chuckled wryly. “I guess I hadn’t thought about it like that. But what about you? What about the risk you’re taking? Aren’t you worried he might end up liking the other girl more?”

“How could anyone like someone more than me? Did you not get the memo that I am the personification of the word ‘cool’?” Jane threw back her head with a throaty laugh. “Oh gee, aren’t I a dope?” Daria deadpanned. “But in the rare case-“ she insisted, but Jane cut her off.

“Quit worrying so much. So what if he ends up liking the other girl better? Then I would know that he was not the right man for me. And shouldn’t I find that out sooner rather than later?” she asked, eyebrow quirked.

Daria pursed her lips. “You might have a point there, Lane,” she conceded. Jane gave her a knowing look over her shoulder as she led their way out of the bathroom. They crossed through the spacious lobby of the museum and towards the elevators.

Before long, they were at the rooftop access. Jane paid for their cover and they slipped inside. It was hot outside, and everyone standing around in groups were all mostly young like themselves dressed in summer clothes.

There was music playing and lanterns hanging on strings strung up around the roof. There was a bar on the far side of the roof and a small fire pit with chairs scattered around it. A few people were seated there, but most were off to a side area with lounge chairs.

The friends went to procure drinks at the bar. Daria enjoyed the music playing and sipped at her glass of wine. She surveyed the crowd as she did so.

“What about her?” she asked.

She nodded her head to indicate a young blonde girl. She was ample in cleavage and chirping away animatedly.

“Too preppy,” Jane commented.

“Excuse me if I’m not familiar with your taste in women yet, being so new and all,” Daria commented. She was still taken aback by Jane’s recent admission.

Daria was strictly dickly. She had dated sporadically in college after she dumped Tom. She was a monogamous type of person, which is why Jane’s plan baffled her all the more. She could never imagine being self-assured and confident enough to allow a second woman into one of her relationships. Hell, she barely managed to make it out of her relationships alive when it was just her. She couldn’t imagine.

Jane liked to remind her often how long it had been since she’d been with anyone. She couldn’t help it if she couldn’t focus on much else besides her work. She didn’t feel the pressure to conform that so many of her generation did.

She didn’t need a house, kids, and a picket fence. She was happy with her loft apartment in the city and her cushy writing gig from home. Was she a hermit that preferred to do most of their writing in sweatpants? Yes, but who was she really hurting?

Jane wouldn’t stand for it. She wouldn’t allow her best friend to stay sequestered away for too long. She was always there to drag Daria out of her shell.

The last relationship Daria had been in ended messily. She seemed to have a knack for it. His name was Elliott and they had met at the library. He was also a writer with a neurosis to rival her own. He was a magazine editor. Their relationship ended badly when he took credit for one of her pieces during a dry spell. He had writer’s block and was desperate to meet a deadline. He was one of those writers who mostly smoked and stared at a blank word document on his computer. The kind of writer that doesn’t write.


Go to your happy place

I live at the X-Men mansion. Have the power to travel interdimensionally and experience others worlds, or copy elements in their current habitat and encourage others to see and hear things that are not physically present.

People That Live with me in the Mansion:

Image result for carol and daryl

Carol & Daryl from The Walking DeadThese two are a dynamite duo!! They are the main security of the mansion because ain’t no shit getting past these two! I love how bad ass they are both together and apart as individuals. Carol is genuinely a role model of mine, at least from the TV series. (Have not read the comic, aspire to)

Image result for april and andy

Andy and April from Parks and Recreation, I dig both of these two hardcore. Andy is my spirit animal. I would love to hang out with both of them, because of his entertainment value and her dry wit. Her dark sense of humor would jive with the rest of the group.

Related image

Michael and Eleanor, They are hilarious! *wink*

Image result for daria jane
Daria Morgendorfer and Jane Lane from Dariafor their unending sarcasm and quips. Their intelligence and penchant for art and poetry combined make them a great duo.

Image result for jason mendoza janet

Jason Mendoza and Janet, because I need a lot of light heartedness to balance the darkness in my mind

Image result for lorraine broughton

Lorraine Broughton and Delphi Lasalle from Atomic BlondeBecause Lorraine would strike down my enemies out in the field secretly. I value her cunning intelligence, resourcefulness, and strength. And Delphi because I need lesbians in my life =P

Image result for brienne of tarth

Brienne of Tarth from Game of Thrones, Also for security. I value her undying loyalty and strength. She is a true individual who marches to the beat of her own drum. She is independent and determined. 

Image result for ghost world

Enid from Ghost World, Her sense of adventure and art makes her valuable. We would get along great. She is super nerdy, too. A little lost inside and mentally scattered, as we deep types are wont to do. I identify with her, especially seeing an older man. (Also, she’s undeniably sexy.)

Image result for adult wednesday addams

Adult Wednesday AdamsThis web series was like eureka!! She is such an identifiable character as well. She’s independent and outspoken. Intelligent and insulting, cunning and deep. I like her dark sense of humor as well. 

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Raven from Teen TitansI admire her degree of mental control. I wish to attain the level of zen she is able to achieve through meditation. I like her dark spells and the concept of all her personalities being my friend would be fun, as if they were all running around the mansion. She also enjoys poetry and study so we would click.

Image result for alex vause nicky
Alex Vause from Orange is the New Black, I have the hugest crush on her. Her lewd sense of humor and capacity for fucking up is something I can relate to unfortunately. Plus more lesbians, we discussed this.

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Khal Drogo and Danaeryus Stormborn from Game of Thrones, They are both very sexy and driven individuals. They were a beautiful team and it would please me muchly if the Khaleesi were to share her Khal with me *wiggles eyebrows*

Image result for louis huang

Louis Huang, He is the sweetest and nicest guy around. Any girl would be lucky to have him. One of the moments I remember most about him is that Jessica his wife said, “You really want me to have the things I want. I’m never going to get mad at you for that.” ❤ Be still my heart.


This is the #storyofmylife here lately ^_^ I have been binge watching a few shows. Most notably, Once Upon A Time is the one that pertains to the above. There’s also American Horror Story and the series iZombie featuring a zombie named “Liv Moore” lol

Daria Survey Season 3

  • Through a Lens Darkly: Do you need glasses/contacts?
    Most definitely. I don’t envy any driver that’s around me at night without glasses lol
  • The Old and the Beautiful: Who’s your favorite old person?
    My Grandpa. He is the best.
  • Depth Takes a Holiday: Describe your favorite holiday memory.
    I always loved Granny’s Thanksgivings. Granny always let each person request an item, and one year I asked for fortune cookies and my Grandpa got some for the whole family 🙂
  • Daria Dance Party: Have you ever been to a dance?
    I have been. The first guy I ever asked to dance turned me down :/
  • The Lost Girls: Are you “edgy”?
    Not in the slightest.
  • It Happened One Nut: What was your first job? What’s your dream job?
    My first job was at Candid Color, and I liked it. My dream job is to be where Ivy is, a front desk manager.
  • Daria! The Musical: What’s your favorite musical?
    The Producers. I am a sucker for the old granny scene, it always makes my day.
  • Lane Miserables: How is it for you when family visits?
    The same as this episode, where you can’t wait for them to leave. Things get hectic when all my family is around.
  • Jake of Hearts: When did you first come to terms with your own or someone else’s mortality?
    That was when my favorite pet cat died, Candyman. I was 15 and we had to put him down.
  • Speedtrapped: Do you have a bad driving story? (What is it?)
    My mother and I got lost in Houston, TX. We circled the same building and highway so many times we lost count because we printed directions to get to the place we were visiting, but not to get back home. It was hilarious, my mom’s racism came screaming out. She was like, “I need directions from an old, white guy!!! They’ll know, I wouldn’t trust any of these foreigners more than I would a woman for directions.” lol
  • The Lawndale File: Do you believe in aliens?
    I do. I have an open mind.
  • Just Add Water: Have you ever been on a boat?
    I have, yes. My dad owned a boat when I was younger, and we used to go to the lake.
  • Jane’s Addition: How did you meet your last significant other?
    The last person I was with, I met at an art community event. It was an open mic for poetry, and it was his first time performing.