Go to your happy place

I live at the X-Men mansion. Have the power to travel interdimensionally and experience others worlds, or copy elements in their current habitat and encourage others to see and hear things that are not physically present.

People That Live with me in the Mansion:

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Carol & Daryl from The Walking DeadThese two are a dynamite duo!! They are the main security of the mansion because ain’t no shit getting past these two! I love how bad ass they are both together and apart as individuals. Carol is genuinely a role model of mine, at least from the TV series. (Have not read the comic, aspire to)

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Andy and April from Parks and Recreation, I dig both of these two hardcore. Andy is my spirit animal. I would love to hang out with both of them, because of his entertainment value and her dry wit. Her dark sense of humor would jive with the rest of the group.

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Michael and Eleanor, They are hilarious! *wink*

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Daria Morgendorfer and Jane Lane from Dariafor their unending sarcasm and quips. Their intelligence and penchant for art and poetry combined make them a great duo.

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Jason Mendoza and Janet, because I need a lot of light heartedness to balance the darkness in my mind

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Lorraine Broughton and Delphi Lasalle from Atomic BlondeBecause Lorraine would strike down my enemies out in the field secretly. I value her cunning intelligence, resourcefulness, and strength. And Delphi because I need lesbians in my life =P

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Brienne of Tarth from Game of Thrones, Also for security. I value her undying loyalty and strength. She is a true individual who marches to the beat of her own drum. She is independent and determined. 

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Enid from Ghost World, Her sense of adventure and art makes her valuable. We would get along great. She is super nerdy, too. A little lost inside and mentally scattered, as we deep types are wont to do. I identify with her, especially seeing an older man. (Also, she’s undeniably sexy.)

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Adult Wednesday AdamsThis web series was like eureka!! She is such an identifiable character as well. She’s independent and outspoken. Intelligent and insulting, cunning and deep. I like her dark sense of humor as well. 

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Raven from Teen TitansI admire her degree of mental control. I wish to attain the level of zen she is able to achieve through meditation. I like her dark spells and the concept of all her personalities being my friend would be fun, as if they were all running around the mansion. She also enjoys poetry and study so we would click.

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Alex Vause from Orange is the New Black, I have the hugest crush on her. Her lewd sense of humor and capacity for fucking up is something I can relate to unfortunately. Plus more lesbians, we discussed this.

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Khal Drogo and Danaeryus Stormborn from Game of Thrones, They are both very sexy and driven individuals. They were a beautiful team and it would please me muchly if the Khaleesi were to share her Khal with me *wiggles eyebrows*

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Louis Huang, He is the sweetest and nicest guy around. Any girl would be lucky to have him. One of the moments I remember most about him is that Jessica his wife said, “You really want me to have the things I want. I’m never going to get mad at you for that.” ❤ Be still my heart.



OITNB Survey

Who is your favorite OITNB character? Alex Vause

Which is your favorite couple? Nicky/Morello & Piper/Alex

Your favorite season? Season 2 was really good. All the danger Vee introduced made it seem more racey and the power dynamic struggle b/w her and Red was interesting to watch.

Your favorite episode of that season? tbd

Who is your favorite side character? Poussey and Nicky are both some of my favorites.

Which character’s back history surprised you most? Leanne as an Amish. It was a toss up b/w her and Janae’s being Islamic O_o plot twist, wasn’t expecting that.

Which character’s crime shocked you most? Lorna’s

I was shocked when I learned about Lornas sordid past. She is such a nice, cool girl with her lipstick and you’d never suspect she has a few screws loose. I have read scores and scores of Nicky/Morello fanfiction, and I actually really relate to her character which is somewhat dismaying considering she’s obvs. batshit crazy. Love her accent though and her twisted little mind 😉

Which character were you most sad to see go?

Season 1- It was sad to me when Trish passed
Season 2- When Alex got out and we saw less of her
Season 3- I was devastated by losing Nicky *tear*

What are your feelings on Brooke Soso? I would be Soso’s friend if I was in prison with her. She is an annoying babbler, but that’s okay. She’s cute and she has Pochahontas hair lol She clearly has struggles being of mixed descent and I feel sorry for her. She just wants a friend.

Which season finale did you enjoy most and why? I enjoyed the end of Season 2 most. The death of Vee and Rosa’s escape were both great TV to watch & had me jumping for joy 🙂 Season 1 finale is an honorable mention tho, it was intense when Piper wailed on Pennsatucky.

Which is your favorite character from the suburbanites? Red

Who is your favorite character from the Spanish Harlem?Dayanara

Who is your favorite character from the Ghetto? Poussey & Taystee

These two are the greatest conmic relief most of the time. (When Poussey isn’t sad and struggling or drinking.) Even when she is, Taystee is her friend and has her back, she gets her out of the stairwell where she might be discovered by a CO when she’s totally drunk. She takes the girl’s hooch to try and help her, and I totally know how Taystee feels being worried about her friend. Their friendship is a really great quality to the show, and my friends & I really enjoy when they cut up like white folks in their skits it’s hilarious lol

Who is your favorite guard(s)? It was Bennet, until he turned out to be a bitch 😦 I really like O’Neil and Wanda, too. They’re cute. *mourns the loss of their cute little life I had imagined*

Who’s the guard you love to hate? We all know that answer. First it was Pornstache, and in season 3 I see it as Officer Donuts.

Favorite new character of season 3? Birdie, Stella, Lolly, Maureen- Probably most definitely Stella, because Ruby Rose is the hottest ^_^

I actually had mixed feelings about Stella. I obviously got how Piper found her hott and wanted to get with her, but nothing in the world would get me to give up Alex Vause lol Even if she wasdown and out. I was disappointed in Piper for dismissing her “love” for Alex so easily just b/c the girl was uber paranoid. She turned out to have a reason to be paranoid. It’s not paranoia if they’re actually out to get you.

But I digress, I really thought Stella was hott and her accent was all the more charming. She was a good partner until she fucked herself by stealing from Piper. Imo, she got what she deserved but Piper did go overboard leaving all her tricks in one bag, now she has no contraband to get anyone else who crosses her. No one’s going to trust her anymore. Oh Piper, Stella came along and made you look like a big, bad spider out to trap & kill. Brutal Chapman, but also bad ass in my book.

Are you team Tucky or not? I have a loot of sympathy for Tiffany as a lone wolf. I admit I hated her when she had her posse, but without them she is not so bad.

Orange is the New Black Season 3 Thoughts

I had a friend say to me about this season, “Nothing big really happened.”

And to that I say, I can heartily disagree!!

  • UM, HELLO? First and foremost, Vauseman fell apart! I was like WTF??? I’m sure plenty were as disturbed by this development as me. That was earth shattering to me, truly *sniffles*

    that’s right, cry like the bitch you are John Bennett lol

  • JOHN LEFT DAYA! Like a big chicken shit :(:(:(:(:( It was also such a horrible twist of fate in the finale when Daya’s baby is apprehended by the DEA, one must assume she is going to get lost in the system and maybe Daya will never know where her baby is. The baby could have had a good life with Pornstache’s mom but maybe a good life won’t be what that child gets now. Not only that, but Aleida’s grand gesture becomes moot and will ultimately fuck up their relationship (between Daya & Aleida)
  • I was both stunned and delighted by the developments between Red and Healy this season. I thought Red had genuine feelings for Healy, and by the end of the wedding episode, it’s hard for me not to deem it so still. The look they shared was so full with longing and such a meaningful moment between the two. That is one moment that stuck with me even after finishing the whole season. Very powerful, what their eyes said with no words whatsoever.
  • NICKY!!! WHYYYY?!?!? D: D: D: I was so upset and sad to see one of my favorite characters go. I absolutely adore Nicky and hope that one day she’ll return. I will miss the dynamic between her and Luscheck and just her general horndoggery and funny and sarcastic lesbian comments.
  • Piper goes hard core. I was not anticipating this silly yet deadly element to the show with the panty business. Piper went to great lengths to ensure no one else would take advantage of her, and it seemed like she took Stella’s parting words to heart. Trust no bitch indeed. It was cold how Piper caused Stella to go down the hill, but also a special kind of bad ass at the same time. “I don’t fuck around, tell the people.” *nods in approval* But you KNOW something is wrong with Chapman’s fuckin’ head when she blows off Alex to pursue Stella. I was like what the fuck is happening?! noooo!!!!! why do they seem like they have too much on their plates to care about losing each other? It made what Piper did seem so fucking stupid, bringing Alex back just to start ignoring her. wtf?prettyvause
  • ALEX COULD BE DEAD! That’s HUGE to me. Even when that bitch Stella was nosing her way in, I still was team Vause all the way. I was way into her scenes at the club when she was dancing, and really any scene Alex a.k.a. Laura Prepon is in is a good one. She is so gorgeous. It was weird to see Alex played as somewhat of a spaz this season. The sex appeal in Vause’s character is that she’s cool and sarcastic and funny, not falling apart. Bummer fuck buddy indeed, but I guess we have to appreciate how human she is.

Orange is the New Black [Season 2 Thoughts]

a_560x0 (1)

I have now rewatched these episodes about 5 million times. No joke, this series is my new obsession and my bf is always groaning, “Not that show again!” He is mystified as to why I so enjoy this show still even after several viewings, and I gotta say, it’s because it’s an eclectic, thought provoking, darkly funny show. Jenny Kohan does an excellent job with her character development here in the second season. I loved getting a better look at some of the other’s characters life choices and histories. The creator is a very compelling story teller, and I could feel the pain and confusion that some of these women faced before and during their stays in prison. I was particularly touched by Poussey’s character history and her illicit love affair with that German girl. In fact, all the unfairness and suffering Poussey had to go through this season was very expertly portrayed by Samira Wiley. My heart clenched in my chest over the many indignities she suffered. You could feel her anguish as Taystee was pulled even farther and farther from her grasp. Speaking of which, the powerhouse that is Vee was super entertaining to me, even for all the chaos she spread. I always have to admire strong women who take charge like that, no matter how evil they are. You gotta admire that cunning and intelligence, despite her ill intentions. I was most thoroughly impressed with her ability to get the black girls all behind her almost instantaneously with that cunning use of cake.

The whole reason I came here though was to mention the one thing I don’t see anyone talking about that’s bothering me. It’s like the elephant in the room, so I’ll go ahead and say it; LARRY AND POLLY?!?!?!?! WTF!?! This pairing makes absolutely no sense to me and I can’t help feeling that Larry is doing something desperate and stupid and that he’s bitten off more than he can chew. I sense he’ll back out like a bitch and mess everything up for nothing between Polly and her baby’s daddy, not to mention Piper and Polly. That particular relationship seemed like an extraneous detail that did not need to be added into the show. But then again, Chapman is a complicated cat and she even foolishly loves her back stabbing ex-girlfriend Alex, so I guess it wouldn’t be too hard for her to get over her best friend fucking her ex-fiance. The stupidity of this element of the show was shockingly high, and I feel it was a poor attempt to keep Larry in the loop. Who gives a shit about Larry? Give us more Vause, we say!! =^D


Speaking of romances, I did think it was strange how Daya changed her mind about her decision to frame pornstache. It didn’t make sense to me that she’d go through the trouble to keep her man out of jail at her own personal expense and then go back on that and decide he’s taking the pussy way out when she never even discussed it with him or gave him a choice in the matter in the first place. It’s illogical and immature of her to make this decision, because who’s to say her child will be better off having two convict parents? Pornstache deserved to be behind bars, never mind how he got there. I think Daya is being misguided here, which when you think about it, is probably why she is in prison in the first place. Sometimes I write fanfiction about her, actually, since she’s one of my favorite characters. Props to Bennet for rapping on the spanish girls trying to use him. It was entertaining to see all the way the other inmates reacted to his illegal love affair with Daya, and I particularly enjoyed Red’s knowing look as she casually strolled away from him after he gave her a shot. The exchange of power was delicious, to see the women knowing his secret and thus holding his balls in a vice grip. What else can be done though, when you think with your little head, shit happens sometimes XD

“I think a nice faux-hawk will give that “Don’t fuck with me vibe, y’know?”
“I mostly use my face for that.”

I found Gloria’s back story culturally rich and ripe with social problems. It was sad to see the way her resolve crumbled when her abusive boyfriend got down on his knees and wrapped his arms around her legs. Of course, that’s how the world is, it’s fair in the fact that it’s unfair to everybody. Her abusive, illegal immigrant boyfriend is the one who ought to have been busted, but instead, the poor woman trying to save up enough to leave her abusive situation as discreetly as possible gets bagged. That mean little man that turned her in was so spiteful, it was such a hateful act. Humans suck sometimes.

The development behind Rosa’s character was superb. In the first season, I didn’t get the impression she’d be a side character they’d focus on since she was dying and all, but they sure flipped the script on me. It was unexpectedly thrilling, the story of how she ended up behind bars and so young, too. She looked young, attractive, and saucy for all her Bonnie and Clyde like bank robbings in the past. The fire in her spirit was clear as she grew stronger and more confident with each heist. I would love to read more fanfiction about Rosa’s past, and her curse with the men she loves. I found the hospital scenes with the young cancer patient very touching and and the level of compassion it lent the show was very powerful. I was bouncing in my seat in the very ending, after Rosa finds out she’s dying soon, and Morello says, “Drive fast.” The finale was epic!!! They could not have chosen a better song to be playing on the radio for Miss Rosa (Don’t Fear the Reaper) and I jumped for joy and cheered when she plowed over Vee and killed her in a hit and run for being such a rude person. Over all, the second season didn’t disappoint me, and I cannot wait for the release of the third exactly…. ONE YEAR FROM NOW. *cries*