Book Worms Are the Loveliest

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How Should You Spend Your Day Off?

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You Should Spend Your Day Off Reading

You are one smart cookie, and most of your smarts have come from teaching yourself things. You are a glutton for information, and you read almost everything that you can get your hands on.

For you, there is nothing more luxurious than spending a day among books, articles, and maybe your own written word.

You travel the world, meet new friends, live many lives, and earn new degrees simply through reading!

What kind of reader are you?

 You are an Eclectic Reader

You will read almost anything, and you think the best gems are discovered randomly. You are curious about books.

Of all the types, you are the most likely to spend time browsing a bookstore, especially one with used and rare books.

Your taste is varied, but if you had to say, it’s pretty far outside the mainstream. You don’t like anything too predictable.

You appreciate experimental writing and writing that challenges you. You prefer books that make you grow, even if you they are more difficult to read.

What kind of book are you?
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You Are Realistic Fiction

You are an outgoing person and very interested in others. You have many relationships that are important to you.

You are always willing to lend an ear to a friend with a problem. And you’re even pretty good at giving advice!

Some may accuse you of loving drama, but you just seem to find yourself in the middle of it.

You are a true people person. You find the lives of others to be fascinating. You’re up for hearing anyone’s life story.

The Book Shelf Test
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 Your Book Shelf is Impressive

You collect books because you can’t imagine doing anything else. You’ve never met anyone who loves books as much as you do.

It’s hard for you to resist almost any book. Sure, you prefer good ones, but you’ve acquired plenty of weird and mediocre and just plain bad books too.

Your favorite book tends to be the one that you just finished reading. And with you, that can change on a weekly (or even daily) basis.

You read for all sorts of reasons – to relax, to learn, to grow, to laugh. You have books for every occasion and craving.

Your book collection is completely out of control and impossible to organize. You have books in every single room of the house.

You’re constantly borrowing, lending, buying, selling, and trading books. You love to share the joy of reading with everyone you know.


End of a hard week’s work

You Are The Feeler

You are peaceful and serene. You try to make life go as smoothly as possible. You give others the benefit of the doubt until they prove you wrong. You see people as good.

You are good at resolving conflicts and making sure everyone is satisfied. You mediate well. You are receptive and approachable. You are welcome the world with open arms.

I had quite a few things on my plate. I was almost always busy at work, putting out fires here and there. I missed having my boss around. I thought it might be fun without him, but it turned out to be a lot more work for me and I am grateful for his return.
I did a lot of interviews this week. We’ve been looking to fill an elusive position. It is almost always difficult to find good candidates to work the over night shift and show themselves to be reliable, good employees. We have a good team for the most part, but there is always rooms for improvement.
As the interviewer, I have no idea what kind of person you are based on a thirty minute interaction. That’s why I did the preliminary reviews for Latta, my boss. I set him up with a few good candidates, and I weeded out the rest. One of the applicants I contacted kind of got me riled. The first day that I scheduled him for an interview, he didn’t call or show. He ended up calling about an hour afterwards and asked me please to reschedule him, which I reluctantly did so.
Then, the next day at his appointed time, he didn’t call or show until about 25 minutes after. I was saying, “I don’t gotta chase down somebody to give them a job!” I mean seriously, I thought it was highly disrespectful and rude. It was discourteous, and your first impression was not a good one. You screwed yourself out of a job, bucko. I get to make the final calls on these people, and it feels good that my boss relies on my opinion.
I hope he’s not disappointed by my progress while he’s been gone. I tried my best, and I think I accomplished a lot. The hotel didn’t burn down in his absence. I don’t think there were many faux paux. . . We’ll just have to see what happens.
I’m also chaffed about the fact that I had to call Veronica my old nemesis for an interview. She sounded fucking thrilled to hear from me, NOT. She sounded rude as hell, like, “why you calling me?” After I placed the call, I went to Kristin’s office to complain and she stopped me short, saying, “I know that was hard for you.” It’s like, ARGH! I know it’s a professional courtesy but gawd do I hate you. I made my opinion known. “Please, gouge my eyes out with rusty spoons if she is ever hired here!” “I’ll leave if we hire her,” I have said. Heavy threat right there, but god dammit, I did everything to get away from that biatch!! NO. WAY. N.O. My bosses know how I feel, nothing should come of it.
*fingers crossed*

Cute moments in life.

You Are a Sweet or Savory Pie?

You Are A Sweet Pie

You are nice as can be, and it’s never an act. You just love life this much. You can be a bit impulsive at times, and you encourage others to give in to their desires.

You think there’s nothing wrong with some innocent indulgence sometimes. It’s good to ignore reason on occasion.

You’re sweet… but never overbearing. You have a little bit of sass and spice to your personality as well!

Tonight I had the cutest thing happen at work. A little boy called me today on the phone and he was kind of hesitant, almost like he had to work up the nerve to talk and he said, “When Santa comes, will you tell him what room I’m in?” I told him don’t worry, Santa won’t miss you, we’ll make sure of it. I made him a letter that said thank you for being a good boy all year and merry christmas and slipped it under his door, and the family were grateful for my attempts. Such a heart warming moment this season 🙂
CS Shipper Meme,s2- Day 2, Favorite underrated scene

The scene where they are battling about to go into the portal, and Hook saves Aurora’s heart from falling in the portal. Really sweet, that was. Sort of like he felt bad for ripping it out in the first place almost.

Post secret of the week:

Except in my case, I’m like dang I don’t know where any of y’all live…