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What does your least favorite school subject say about you?

Image result for mathDisliking Math Says You Are Expressive

You are an expressive, passionate, and spontaneous person. For you, math is way too cold a subject. You dislike how black and white it is.

While some people have extreme passion for math, that would take far more work than you’re willing to put in. What you’re into changes like the wind, and you could never be forced to choose one thing. You have to be free to follow what you love.

What’s Your Feng Shui Color?
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Your Feng Shui Color is Green

You are an insightful and wise creature. Personal growth is important to you, and you are always changing for the better. You are very nurturing. You take care of yourself first, and because of this, you are able to take good care of others.

You think that life should be an adventure. You try to never get stuck in a rut. Even though it can be difficult, you like to break out of your comfort zone. You never want to be stagnant!

What Do You Need Most?
Image result for community

You Need Community

You are a very social person. You are happiest when you’re around other people. You need many people in your life. Friends and family make life worth living for you.

You have many relationships in your life, and you are constantly seeking new people out. You need to feel like you’re part of a group or a tribe. You don’t like to feel like you’re going it alone.

What crafty hobby should you take up?
Image result for knitting

You Should Take Up Knitting

You are patient and focused. You are good at sticking with projects and following instructions. You follow and play by the rules. It’s important to you to do things by the book.

You are highly observant. No detail slips past you. You are generous with your time. You believe that the best things in life don’t come quickly.



I Don’t Know Who I Am

Help! Identity crisis!

I was recently browsing amazon for great nerdy finds. I love Harry Potter, and was once very emotionally connected to it. I was consumed by the fanfiction and may end up going on a tangent about my favorite things in it in this post.

The fanfiction I wrote was about my own original character who was in the Hufflepuff house. She was Neville’s girlfriend, into Herbology like him and always kind to him. She was supportive of him in their senior year at Hogwarts, and went into battle beside him as a member of Dumbledore’s Army. Her name was Lenae Windsor and she was a registered magi with the ability to turn into a black cat. Her patronus is a panda bear. She’s friends with Luna, Ron, and Ginny. But most importantly, she was Hufflepuff because I always believed I would be sorted into Hufflepuff if I went to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry!

It was flattering, however, when I asked people which house I would belong to and they answered with Ravenclaw. I always forget that people pay attention to my intellectual abilities. I always assume people think I am nice, but a lot of them think of my smarts first. That’s a compliment in my book, so I would be proud to be a Huffleclaw, too.

Image result for huffleclaw

I never sported any delusions that I could be in House Gryffindor. I was not nearly so strong, bold, or unafraid. I was more like a wall flower, suited to house Hufflepuff in my eyes. The one thing I never suspected was to be in House Slytherin.

WOE IS ME lol I took the official sorting hat test on J.K.’s Pottermore website and was devastated when I was sorted into Slytherin =( =( =( =( =( !!!!!

Related image

Hufflepuff has always seemed to be the polar opposite of Slytherins! Slytherins pick on Hufflepuffs, i.e. Draco Malfoy. (Then again he seemed to be an equal opportunity bully, picking on a multitude of people throughout the series.)

Hufflepuff Traits

  • Dedication
  • Hard Work
  • Fair play
  • Patience
  • Kindness
  • Tolerance
  • Unafraid of toil
  • Loyalty

I supposed I am guilty of associating bad guys with Slytherin. After all, many of Voldemort’s followers were from that house. Not all Slytherin are bad though, despite what you might think. I should be open minded. What are Slytherin’s traits?

Slytherin Traits

Image result for slytherin traits

I decided to take some back up tests and see what else I might get. The results are below.

Which House Are You In?


Which Hogwarts House Would You Be Sorted Into?


Which Hogwarts House Do You Belong In?

Image result for slytherin traits

What Color is Your Life’s Path?

Image result for gold

Your Life’s Path is Golden

You seek companionship and good times. You love being around your friends and family members more than anything else in the world.

You believe other people are the key to living a happy life. In return, you provide them with good company and true friendship.

You are charming and outgoing. You have big personality that others don’t easily forget. You love luxury and high quality goods. Luckily, you are quite successful and good at making money.

What Kind of Partner Are You?

You are a Devoted Partner

You are the type of person who does better when you’re in a relationship. You enjoy taking care of someone.
You are very generous, and you enjoy making your partner happy. You think little gifts and romantic gestures are fun.

Deep down, you are a very loyal person. You are careful about who you commit to because you take commitment very seriously.

You will stand your ground in a relationship if you have to, but you prefer to let little things slide. You value harmony above petty fights.

How Should You Get Your Curves in Shape?
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You Stay In Shape with Personal Trainers

 You definitely want a better body, but you don’t know where to start. And it’s all so overwhelming, you tend to lose motivation easily. A personal trainer can help you get the body you desire – even if you have a long way to go!

What ice cream topping are you?

You are Whipped Cream

 You are unpretentious and down to earth. You aren’t about to apologize for who you are. You are sweet and angelic. You truly care about others, and that shines through in everything you do.

You are a unifying force. You bring people together and often are the social glue in your group.

You are optimistic and trusting. You give others the benefit of the doubt until they prove you wrong.


What kind of pancakes are you?

You Are Banana Nut Pancakes

 You prefer complex and interesting foods.
You shy away from anything that’s ordinary or tired.

It’s not likely that someone would find white sandwich bread or boxed mac n’ cheese in your kitchen.

Instead, someone might find an original recipe of yours cooking up – or some interesting ethnic food.

Are You Sweet or Savory?

You Are Sweet! 

You are a true optimist, and you can’t help but see the brighter side of life. You are upbeat.

Simply put, life is sweet. You will go out of your way to enjoy yourself, even if that means having dessert for dinner sometimes.

Your cheerfulness is your gift to others. You remind them not to take it all so seriously. If you can add a sweet touch to any occasion, you go out of your way to do it – both literally and figuratively!

What Color Journal Should I Write In?

You should write in a black journal

Your journal is where you dish everything. Your book is juicy and full of your deepest secrets.
For you, writing is how you purge what has happened to you. Your journal absorbs and distances all negative energy.

Your journal may be a bit scandalous, but it’s also very well written. You know how to keep it contained and well edited.
You are good at spinning a story. You write compelling beginnings and endings while keeping a bit of mystery.


Book Worms Are the Loveliest

Image result for glasses cartoon

How Should You Spend Your Day Off?

Image result for reading beauty and the beast
You Should Spend Your Day Off Reading

You are one smart cookie, and most of your smarts have come from teaching yourself things. You are a glutton for information, and you read almost everything that you can get your hands on.

For you, there is nothing more luxurious than spending a day among books, articles, and maybe your own written word.

You travel the world, meet new friends, live many lives, and earn new degrees simply through reading!

What kind of reader are you?

 You are an Eclectic Reader

You will read almost anything, and you think the best gems are discovered randomly. You are curious about books.

Of all the types, you are the most likely to spend time browsing a bookstore, especially one with used and rare books.

Your taste is varied, but if you had to say, it’s pretty far outside the mainstream. You don’t like anything too predictable.

You appreciate experimental writing and writing that challenges you. You prefer books that make you grow, even if you they are more difficult to read.

What kind of book are you?
Image result for reading

You Are Realistic Fiction

You are an outgoing person and very interested in others. You have many relationships that are important to you.

You are always willing to lend an ear to a friend with a problem. And you’re even pretty good at giving advice!

Some may accuse you of loving drama, but you just seem to find yourself in the middle of it.

You are a true people person. You find the lives of others to be fascinating. You’re up for hearing anyone’s life story.

The Book Shelf Test
Image result for book shelf

 Your Book Shelf is Impressive

You collect books because you can’t imagine doing anything else. You’ve never met anyone who loves books as much as you do.

It’s hard for you to resist almost any book. Sure, you prefer good ones, but you’ve acquired plenty of weird and mediocre and just plain bad books too.

Your favorite book tends to be the one that you just finished reading. And with you, that can change on a weekly (or even daily) basis.

You read for all sorts of reasons – to relax, to learn, to grow, to laugh. You have books for every occasion and craving.

Your book collection is completely out of control and impossible to organize. You have books in every single room of the house.

You’re constantly borrowing, lending, buying, selling, and trading books. You love to share the joy of reading with everyone you know.

Quizzes Mo’ Quizzes

The Red Velvet Test

You Are Loving

You have so much compassion, empathy, and warmth for the world. Your love is not restricted to romantic and familial love. You enjoy doing a little something to brighten someone’s day. And you never expect to see a favor returned – giving is its own reward.

You are a truly happy person because you practice a ton of self-love. You accept yourself wherever you are, flaws and all. You know that this world is not easy to love, but you get there with your gratitude. You see so much as a blessing.

What color tea are you?
Image result for green tea

You Are Green Tea

You are detail oriented and meticulous. You believe anything worth doing is worth doing right. You are conscientious and mindful of every action you take. You consider your effect on the world.

You are both caring and analytical. You are soft-hearted, but you don’t let your emotions rule you. Like green tea, you don’t like to over-complicate things. You think that really undervalue simplicity these days.

Your Birth Month Says
Image result for june

You’re Generous

Peaceful and harmonious, you seek the gentle side of life.

Your warmth and consideration touches many.

Your soul reflects: Friendship, love, and beauty

Your gemstone: Pearl

Your flower: Rose

Your colors: Light blue, white, and cream

What does your Latte say about you?
Image result for latte hello kitty

Your Latte Says You Are Very Serious

When it comes to what you like, you have your own unique tastes. And people don’t really understand them.

You are a very serious person. You don’t have time for silly antics.

You have a good deal of energy, but you pace yourself. You never burn out too fast.

You’re addicted to caffeine. There’s no denying it.

You are responsible, mature, and truly an adult. You’re occasionally playful, but you find it hard to be carefree.

You are expressive and friendly, but you are never pushy.

What kind of eggs are you?

You are a Soft Boiled Egg

You are a very sensitive soul. You are careful with other people, and you expect them to be gentle with you in return. A harsh word or look can destroy your happiness. You are easily affected by what is going on around you.

You tend to get stressed out fairly easily. You need to be in a calm, quiet environment to be happy.

You gravitate toward stable people. You need a rock (or a few) in your life.

What waffle topping are you?

You are Whipped Cream

You are friendly, enthusiastic, and always up for a good time. People can count on you for happy, zany energy. You love to celebrate, and it doesn’t even matter whether you’re the one who has something to toast to. You are all about good times.

You may seem like all fluff to those around you, but you have learned that it’s best to keep your problems mostly to yourself.

You are a friend to all, but you’re a little pickier about who you consider a friend to you. You need solid people in your life.

What color house should you live in?
Image result for yellow house

You Should Live in a Yellow House

People see you as extroverted, and they’re right. You’re extremely outgoing. You know how to charm people with your quirky and hyper ways. You make everyone around you smile.

You are very independent and headstrong. You almost always think for yourself. If you are able to do things, you are unstoppable. You almost always have enough energy to get you through the day.

What kind of team player are you?
Image result for team player

You are the Feeler

You are peaceful and serene. You try to make life go as smoothly as possible. You give others the benefit of the doubt until they prove you wrong. You see people as good.

You are good at resolving conflicts and making sure everyone is satisfied. You mediate well. You are receptive and approachable. You welcome the world with open arms.

The Cupcake Test

Image result for cupcake

Your cupcake says you are Lovable

At parties, you tend to be a social butterfly. You enjoy making conversation and making sure everyone is having fun.

You hardly have any restraint. You only hold yourself back when absolutely necessary.

The most important thing in your life is your family.

You are laid back, flexible, and easy to get along with. To know you is to care for you.